Post Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:29 am

Help Understanding

Hi, I’m sorry if this has been asked before but after looking the forums over for a few days now. I’m still unsure about importing ships to Freelancer. I found the tutorial on importing Homeworld and Freespace ships and try following it through but there a few things I don’t understand.

-Use Deep Exploration to convert the .peo model file into something Milkshape can use. I usually use Lightwave .lwo format since it works the best for me. Make sure to also save the textures.

I converted the peo into a lwo format and imported it into Milkshape. But I’m not sure what he means (save the textures) Does this mean don’t delete them or to save them with Milkshape?

-Import the model into Milkshape. Select everything and rotate it by x=90, y=0, z=270. The scale the model by 20-50% and merge with HCl's dralthi to see if it's around the right size.

As I said Imported the model no problem and I believe that I rotated the model correctly I clicked the rotate tab in the upper left cornier and entered the above numbers is this correct? With the scale I wasn’t able to find out how to scale the model down. And then HCI’s Dralthi where can I found this?

-Homeworld models usually have a lot more materials, which can be a pain to import into the .mat file. Flip the textures and save them all as UNCOMPRESSED tga.

I used PhotoShop for this and all I did was converted the texture files to and tga format there was only one is this correct?

-Add some hardpoints and export the model as a CMP, making sure to have original material names.

-Use HCl's UTF editor to create a .mat file, which will usually have a lot more materials to load, with a different node for each texture used. Make sure to also change the 'material count' as an int with the first line being the number of textures, the second a 0.

These last two line give me the most trouble I needed to know if someone could brake this down a little so that it easier to understand.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out with these problems.