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**Tutorial** - Find answers to crashes!

Here you find the different tutorials on editing and MODing Freelancer

Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 4:30 pm

**Tutorial** - Find answers to crashes!

OKay - this is going to be 'increased' as i add to it causes of crashes when you are making mods. It will, of course, be pretty huge in the end. Please, do not go and post comments below as i might need that space for this thread if it becomes large enough. I don't have all the time in the world to try to post them all in one go - hell there are thousands of causes, but for now i will start with systems problems, and generally move around on that. If you have areas that you want tackling sooner rather than later, then please feel free to either a) Post below, or b)post in accushots 'newbie questions look no further' thread - which is where i 'hang' kinda

okay - this is a 'work in progress' right now. If it gets to disorganised i will create another post, then copy and paste them into pages so that they can be linked from the first page or something.......nice and neat! will add more a)when i think of other system crashes, b) have more time and my fingers have grown back from the bloody stumps they are!


A few little hints on modding

1) Always back up your files regularly!

2) Build the mod in FLMM, then whenever you make several succesful adjustment, create a zip of your folder to keep a 'backup' before progressing!

3) Always, no matter how tedious, check individual changes until you are very comfortable with modding. If you mod three things, then find you crash - it is much more difficult to narrow it down, than making one!

4) I always copy old entries, then change them, instead of writing new ones. One thing it will do is erase 90% of spelling errors!! Also it makes it quicker. For systems, you won't even need to give objects new ids names to check that stuff works at all, so its quick, simple and easy! Once you find your asteroids working, or your jumpholes/gates working, give them the custom ids names at that point!

5) [iDon't hit your computer - it is your mistake......also, it could then be an expensive mistake!

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Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 4:31 pm

=====Systems Crashes======

Type of crash:

Basic rule of thumb ...If you can get to your system - but you crash in various parts as you go round, then your problems lie in the encounters you have set up

On Entering system through the jumpgate, or before i leave the jumpgate / jumphole the system crashes to desktop .

Possible causes: Asteroids and Nebula entries

Check: Do you have an [asteroids entry without a zone, or vica versa (Zone for the asteroids field, no [asteroids entry - same goes for the nebula.
What to do - comment out the zone and the asteroids entry with ; (semi colons) which will render them unreadable by the game.

Possible Causes: Populations around the jumphole/gate exit:

Check: Population around the particular zone - see what you have arriving there. Easiest way is to comment out all the entries again as above (see below for an example) and try your system again, see if you crash.
nickname = Zone_hole2
pos = 12000, 0, -45000
shape = Sphere
size = 3000
property_flags = 131072
sort = 99
;toughness = 40
;density = 4
;repop_time = 25
;max_battle_size = 4
;pop_type = Background
;relief_time = 35
;;faction_weight = fc_m_grp, 10
;;encounter = area_scout, 9, 0.670000
;;faction = fc_m_grp, 0.260000

Notice that the parts commented out have two differences. The ;; part is to do with faction and encounter. There might be multiple of these, so if you manage to get back into your system after this, bring them back ONE at a time until you find which one crashes you. Then you can eliminate/narrow down on the problem there.

Possible causes : Missing Universe.ini entry for system
Check: universe.ini file - do you have an entry for your system? Is it correct with a custom ids number?
nickname = Br08
file = systems\Br08\Br08.ini
pos = 6, 2
visit = 0
strid_name = 261900
ids_info = 66700
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_br08

Position is where on universe map it is -don't clash with others! File is where your system ini files are located, strid name is the ids name for your system, info is the info, msg_id_prefix is the NPC's referring to your system (pre-recorded message, so nothing said for mine!)

Possible Causes: Spelling Errors
Check : That you have spelt several things correctly, firstly, the system folder and ini file is correct, and secondly that the universe.ini entry is correct. Once you have done this start with other things.....

Possible Causes: Systems_shortest_path.ini file not updated with your sys
Check : In the universe folder - three files.
1) Systems_shortest_path.ini
2) Shortest_legal_path.ini
3) Shortest_illegal_path.ini
Yep - there is a bit to do here, but it needs doing!
First off - systems_shortest_path.ini file:
This is how systems are linked up - quick intro to it right now:
Starts with an example below (my custom again!)
Path = Br08, Br08, Br08
Path = Br08, Li01, Br08, Li01
Path = Br08, Bw10, Br08, Bw10

So what does it mean? - First off - path = Br08 well path is the route. the shortest route is path = system (the one its talking about), going too, connections through, connections through.
Easier if an example eh?
Path = Br08, Li01, Br08, Li01 means path from Br08 to Li01 - goes through Br08 to Li01. Lets make this bigger then to understand;
Path = Br08, Li01, Br08, Br07, Br06, Br05, Br04, Br03, Br02, Br01, Li01

Means - Br08 --> Li01, goes from Br08>br07>Br06>Br05>br04>etc to Li01
So from Br08 to Br07, then onto Br06 system, through there to Br05 etc etc to Li01.

Okay - now you need this for YOUR system...basics of this - just where it is connected too......(saves headaches)so if conncted to Li01 and Li02 then you would have:example
Path = Br08, Br08, Br08
Path = Br08, Li01, Br08, Li01
Path = Br08, Li02, Br08, Li02

The first one, from itself to itself through itself - they all have that okay - its for internal i assume (internl jumpholes - eg Li01a_to_li01b and Li01b_to_Li01a)
Now - do the same for shortest_legal_path.ini and also for shortest_illegal_path.ini (strictly speaking, jumpgate = legal, jumphole = illegal - but i do both........saves time later if i put others in )

Still crashing when entering the system? If you have a fully made system - and not the foundations of a system - then you are in trouble - this list could go on all night........... The first few here are the major causes with systems crashes, others include having incorrect encounters parameters - check you entries for enoucnters have the correct :
nickname = tradelane_trade_armored
filename = missions\encounters\tradelane_trade_armored.ini
for them as well
Also - other problems can be incorrect zones (minefields etc) so comment out all zones with the ; rule - use this to remove stuff from the system without deleteing. ; once per line at the start of the text.

Problem:I crash randomly at various parts, but always in the same area of my system
Check - well this is a darned common cause of crashing......the biggie. It is your encounters parameters for various zones.
What you should do is find the zone for the area you are in, ie for a station or jumpgate/hole - find the zone that is for your area:

nickname = Zone_Li07_02_pop
pos = -10500, -4000, -48500
rotate = 0, 0, 0
This sort of entry start means a base population the entry after this, concerning encounters (from this part downwards)
toughness = 18
density = 12
repop_time = 25
max_battle_size = 4
pop_type = li_p_grp, single_base_law
relief_time = 35
population_additive = false
density_restriction = 4, unlawfuls

Is the area of trouble - comment out the whole area of this with semicolons ( like so:
;toughness = 18
;density = 12
etc etc - then try again. Check that you don't have multiple zones in the area that might overlap and cause crashes. Some zone designations themselves seem to crash - ie trying to make patrols rather than populations!

Problem:When I try to launch into my system from a base, or jump into the system - it never loads..i sit staring at a blank screen, and it finally crashes to desktop
This is very common when errors with tradelane numbers occur. Make sure that your tradelanes are numbered properly, and that they do not either a)overlap (two entries for th same trade lane) or b) don't 'go' to their own tradelane next.
Example : Two tradelane entries - commented out parts after main bodyadded by me:

nickname = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_19
ids_name = 260920
pos = -38000, -2000, 21000
rotate = 0, 225, 0
Archetype = Trade_Lane_Ring
ids_info = 66170
prev_ring = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_19
;whoops - causes game to freeze
next_ring = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_20
behavior = NOTHING
reputation = li_p_grp
difficulty_level = 1
tradelane_space_name = 261834
loadout = trade_lane_ring_li_01
pilot = pilot_solar_easiest
nickname = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_19
;oh crap - should be 20 - crash time
ids_name = 260920
pos = -33000, -2500, 26000
rotate = 0, 225, 0
Archetype = Trade_Lane_Ring
ids_info = 66170
prev_ring = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_20
;whoops - causes freezing of game!
next_ring = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_21
behavior = NOTHING
reputation = li_p_grp
difficulty_level = 1
loadout = trade_lane_ring_li_01
pilot = pilot_solar_easiest

Problem:Never ending jumptunnel on the way to my system
Causes:Incorrect goto command in your jumphole/gate entry
Your systems entry concerning the jumpgate/ hole:
nickname = Li07_to_Iw03
ids_name = 260610
pos = -83000, 0, 0
rotate = 0, -90, 0
Archetype = jumpgate
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_Iw03
ids_info = 66145
jump_effect = jump_effect_elite3
reputation = li_p_grp
behavior = NOTHING
difficulty_level = 1
goto = Iw03, Iw03_to_Li07, gate_tunnel_elite3
loadout = jumpgate_li_01
pilot = pilot_solar_easiest

Check these lines are correct:
nickname = Li07_to_Iw03
goto = Iw03, Iw03_to_Li07, gate_tunnel_elite3

If you have Nickname = Li07_to_Iw03_hole
and the other entry in the destination system has the same entry - then you should have this instead:
Nickname = Li07_to_Iw03_hole
goto = Iw03, Iw03_to_li07_hole, gate_tun...........

adapt the entry as necessary. Make sure the 'goto' a)matches the destination system(ie the Iw03, part) and b)Matches the destinations systems nickname (ie the Iw03_to_Li07 part)

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Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 4:32 pm

Problem: I created a new field of asteroids/nebulae, but i crash when trying to get to the system
Your actual asteroids.ini file for your field! Did you just copy and rename one? If so, it probabily has exclusion zones, set for another system. Rename the exclusion zones for your system if you need them, or simply get rid of them. If you might want them later - just comment them out!

Problem:My tradelane ends, but i carry on!!
That your last ring doesn't have a next entry for it! Also - check that if you try to dock and crash, that the rings are correctly numbered too......

Problem:I dock with my rings, but it docks with the one with red lights instead of green, and then i go the wrong way!
Check : You muppet - the rings are orientated the wrong way - its a very common cause. Flip the rotation around, ie:
rotate = 0, 90, 0
rotate = 0, -90, 0

Likewise - rotate = 0, 0, 0 becomes 0, 180, 0

Problem: I try to dock with rings, but it says i am too far away....but i am sat infront of the bloody things![/b
That you don't have two rings with the same ring number in different locations! That cause for this prob!
nickname = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_20
ids_name = 260920
pos = -33000, -2500, 26000
And also
nickname = Li07_Trade_Lane_Ring_20
ids_name = 260920
pos = 10000, 0, 47000

Problem: I can fly through my sun without dying
Check You need a zone of damage around the sun itself - look in other systems ini files for examples - same for planets

Problem:I dock with my station but the screen goes blank and nothing happens!!
Check - Hey there - you forgot your universe.ini entry for your station!! Put one in!
nickname = Li01_01_Base
system = Li01
strid_name = 196766
file = Universe\Systems\Li01\Bases\Li01_01_Base.ini
BGCS_base_run_by = W02bF35
Make sure you have the nickname for the base right, and its pointing to its base.ini file in the correct folder!

Problem:I crash when docking with my station!
Check Have you got a base.ini file for you base? Is it in the correct directory? If not, get one. Copy and paste another bases into your bases folder, then make sure that you rename it for your base, and that INSIDE the base.ini file that the rooms are named correctly!:
nickname = Li07_07_Base
start_room = Deck

nickname = Bar
file = Universe\Systems\Li01\Bases\Rooms\Li07_07_Bar.ini

nickname = Deck
file = Universe\Systems\Li07\Bases\Rooms\Li01_07_Deck.ini

nickname = ShipDealer
file = Universe\Systems\Li01\Bases\Rooms\Li01_07_shipdealer.ini

Oops - notice the cockups!? The folde is incorrectly named for the bar, the deck.ini is incorrect fo the deck, and everything is wrong for the last one. Also check that the first part:
nickname = Li07_07_Base
start_room = Deck
is named correctly for your base too - the start_room = deck means when you dock, you appear in the deck! (cityscape for city, unless an alcoholic - at which point, make it the bar eh?!)

Problem:when i dock with my base i get a black screen, with the symbols for nav map in the top corner, as well as a little ship icon
Check You haven't got any rooms for you base yet - you just have the base.ini fiel for your base - get some rooms, make sure they are named well too!!

Problem:I can never see my stuff on the map/its always on the bloody map
Your systems ini file for the following type of line:
Visit = X
Where x= 0 - means you can see the thing as soon as you come within range -it will appear on your nav map and stay there for ever and a day.
x = 128 - you will be lucky to find it........ever - it won't have a name on the map, and generally its darned tough to find the dam thing!

Problem:The object i have made doesn't have a map icon thing
The solararch.ini file for something along these lines:
shape_name = NAV_jumpgate
shape_name = NAV_smallstation
shape_name = NAV_surpriseX

These give it the appearance icon on the nav map of what the object is. The X is for a wreck, jumpgate is for.............erm..............hmm - i wonder

Problem:I cannot find the station i made
Have you made an entry in the universe.ini file for you station? See previous post for what the entry should look like!

Check: The location in your files of where your station is!

Personally when i create something, i start off by plonking it exactly 2k from the jumphole into my system. This way, during testing i can test everything for it quickly and simply. I can create a zone, set everything to sell, rep, alliance, loadouts, everything - jump in and check it all - then move it to where i wish it to be. This is a common problem when you first make just aint put it where you think!

Put it with the same coords as the jumpgate/hole - then just increase 1 value by a few k! This works especially well if you crash as well - autosave means you respawn at jumpholes/gates - so you are already there - no flying to location to check if its working!

LOL - NO wonder i couldn't get it to post my new topic - this required to posts as it is! hehe - more will come when i think/type it out. Please don't spam at all

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Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 6:52 pm

==========Problems with Bases or from bases================

Following part is trouble shooting what happens with bases. typically - if you crash when launching it is to do with a systems problem - ie Encountes, loadouts, zones

Okay problems with bases

Problem:When i land at the base - i have no rooms there
Check That your base.ini file has references to the ini's for the rooms - ie deck/cityscape, shipdealer, bar etc etc. Check with other files to see what you need in there. Then - make sure that you have the correct rooms. Typically - if you see yourself stood on a deck or cityscape - but have no other rooms, then you need to edit your base ini file Example: Li01_01_base.ini to accomodate the rooms you wish for, and Hotspots which are the links to the rooms you want to go to. Then copy and paste with renaming rooms into the rooms folder for you system

Problem:I crash when i try to go to the shipdealer
The packages for sale in the market_ships.ini file - are they correctly named? Then check the goods.ini file - are the ships packages for sale at your base correctly named in their? Do they reference a ship in the shiparch.ini file correctly?

If not, ammend the entries and try again. If its a conversion of a ship here (ie - take a gunship) then its can have up to four probs - wrong market_ships.ini entry, bad goods.ini package, bad goods.ini hull entry and finally a bad shiparch.ini entry. Make minimum packages for ships first - they only need the following:
A scanner
A Engine
A Power source
These can be any type as well - so can be copied from other ships
Basically check, check and check again!

Problem: When i select a ship for sale in the shipyard, I then crash to desktop
The package for your ship. It is invariably wrong, or has equipment that does not exist (custom equipment). Having typos, stuff mounted on non-existent mounts etc are all probs here

Problem:When i go to the weapons dealer/commodities dealer, i crash to desktop before arriving!!
That the stuff you have sold is correct, and that the entries are correct.
Here is a quick reminder!:
Weapons_equip.ini entry for your gun. Copy and paste an old one, then modify it
Weapons_goods.ini entry for the gun - the guns package - copy and paste an old package instead - change the numbers and values accordingly. Make sure your nicknames are unique here - call them my_gun01 -> my_gun100 - its easy to keep track of then, and easy to modify too.

Once done (make sure you entries nicknames are correct and also the ids number in the goods.ini file) then make sure nicknames are correct for selling guns in the market_misc.ini file (sells guns etc).....copy an older entry from a base for a gun, then just change the nickname to match the package nickname for the gun in the weapons_good.ini

Several files also need adjusting here:

and then also the market_commodities.ini as well - only change the commodities_per_faction.ini if you want NPC's to carry your commodity (i think - i haven't actually tried this - just making an 'educated' guess! Let me know if wrong.
Once again - check ids numbers here, nicknames especially too! The goods.ini file and so on are sensitive to ids numbers and nicknames - so they are the prime culprits. The icons don't affect whether you crash or not at all - so it aint that stuff!!

Check: Did you try to change other values in the market_commodities.ini, market_ships.ini and market_misc.ini? If so - what did you change? Always remember what you changed, and be prepared to change it straight back if there are crashes. There ARE limits to what you can do!

Problem:There are no people on my bases, in the rooms, anywhere at all!!
The mbases.ini file. Have you made an entry for your base here? Did you give it a population, but remember the nicknames and so on for you base correctly-- and change the chaps accordingly?! Check away

Problem:I made it so that the base was populated, but now whenever i want a mission it tells me to get on better with the base faction first![i
Oh nasty problem in the fact that goodbye to several hours of life here! You need to do the following:
file - open this up, and take a peek. Inside you will see the following:
faction = li_n_grp
weight = 13
offers_missions = true
mission_type = DestroyMission, 0.000000, 0.112387, 30

This will actually be this do to corruption when you open the file up!

offers_missions = mission_type = DestroyMission, 0.000000, 0.112387, 30

See the problem is that offers_missions = true has had the true part taken out by the application used to decrypt the ini files (biniq). Time for a 2 hour manual edit of the file back to normal!

Problem:No missions are ever on offer at my base!!
That you have included some vignettes into your systems ini file example - Li07.ini file. A typical vignette entry looks like this:
Example: another of mine
nickname = zone_Li07_destroy_vignette_6
pos = 43343, 0, -1791
shape = SPHERE
size = 10000
sort = 99.500000
vignette_type = field

Make sure that you have nicknames that are unique too!!

Check: that in your mbases.ini file you actually have offers_missions = true at all! Also - that your population offers missions as well.

Problem:[iI don't get rumours/bribes from my stations population or bartender!

Back to Mbases.ini file - as this is where your problem lies - has your bartender got any bribes or rumours to tell you set for him?
EXAMPLE: Here is one taken from the Manhat bartender - similar for you

bribe = li_p_grp, 10000, 16101
bribe = co_be_grp, 10000, 16100
bribe = co_nws_grp, 10000, 16100
bribe = co_kt_grp, 10000, 16100
bribe = gd_bh_grp, 10000, 16100
rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end, 2, 131232
rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end, 3, 131233
rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end, 1, 131222
rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end, 1, 131225
rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end, 1, 131226
rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end, 1, 131228

Do you have parts looking like this below him?
You can create custom rumours and stuff as well - also custom bribes for the base too - just need for rumours to set your own rumour in the ini file- then slap its ids number in there, and for bribes - add your faction of choice, and set the values!

Problem:I cannot launch from the station - it says no power/engine/scanner
Well that is the package for the ship you just brought - amend in the goods.ini file.

Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 10:31 pm

I think we can sticky this for a while good luck!

Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 11:29 pm

Thankyou! Don't know how helpful this is gonna be for anyone, but most of these i have found for myself the hard way over time. Luckily - i am as persistant as a dog, and will try anything to sort my crashes out......others might not be, so this is to help trouble shoot if needs be!

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 7:27 am

Sweet! Great work Chips!

Post Fri Oct 03, 2003 5:39 pm

Thanks Chips!

I've made 10 or 11 system (Rheinlands and Borderworlds), but they always crashed my game or my computer, or it was this or that... anyway, thanks, because now they all works!


Post Mon Oct 06, 2003 2:48 pm

Okay - will be adding some more soon (been typing alot recently - think i have some sort of strain injury in my left hand!) however - here is a very little but fustrating one that took me a little while to figure out! (or it works now anyways!)

I crash whenever i open the navmap!
Possible Causes: - Have you overloaded the system/navmap?

I experienced this one in NY, after checking and rechecking teh loadouts file which i had changed,along with all the other little files i had changed, i turned back to one i hadn't touched for an age..........the system file - why would it crash when openening? I did trial and error - i thought i must have overloaded my system file (its NY by the way!) so i removed the load of objects i had, then i removed the jumphole i made to another system for quick testing. I also attempted to change the visablitity o the internal NY jumpholes - but too no avail = however, removing the jumphole and nav bouys did the trick. This harked back to what Giskard was telling me about manhatten having perhaps the maximum amount of objects allowable in a system - if you add one more it removes other ones or something. I also thought of something else that was mentioned -i believe this came from Reynen - that you cannot have more than 8 jumpholes/gates to ta system - well, i had ten i think (2 internal J/H's. one to Texas and one to colorado, 1 to mytest system - then the jumpgates - alaska., texas, colorado, LA, Magellan) - 10 in all, however, they all worked to use though - so unless they cause crashes due to the nav map?? Hmm - however, if you get a stumper and you have lots of objects, or loads of jumpholes - give this a try! My system is now working again - and luckily i have nothing to remod as i save files first (incase they aren't the cause - at which point, i can just put the old one back in rather than remod the damned thing!!)

Post Fri Oct 10, 2003 12:15 am

Can I use this for my random tips in my Modding FL FAQ for SDK and GameFaqs?

Post Fri Oct 10, 2003 2:23 pm

Yes - feel free to include these into your handbook - on ONE proviso. You have to realise it took me many hours to type all this out, including all the typefaces (ie the Layout of the thing) etc, and that each of these problems i encountered whislt modding, except the Mbases file corruption that came from Giskard.

So - You CANNOT claim, or even leave in any doubt that this is YOUR work here. BUT, don't credit me, as i don't want credit. For all these peices here - credit Lancers Reactor instead.

That is it really.

Credit it to lancers reactor tutorial forum or something! LOL - now that would be one hell of a vague credit

Edited by - chips on 10-10-2003 23:50:20

Post Fri Oct 10, 2003 10:50 pm

Well I credited the Folks at Lancersreactor for information for Random Tips and etc... But I jut had to credit you.... You got the credits for compiling the information in the random tips and faq...

Post Mon Nov 03, 2003 3:58 pm

Tried to reach you by email. No succes.

Would you be interested to participate in FLIA testing?

FLIA is a Freelancer configuration analysis program. Its aim is to free modders from bug hunting and let them concentrate on being creative. FLIA reads all configuration files, parses them and stores information to a database. Current version performs only syntax checking: section names, entry names, value types. Future versions will extend this to consistency checking like every gun has the corresponding munitions.
This is a program for modders, not for newbies.

FlIA reads the entire configuration. It even reads “\tng\info.exe” or “Solar\dockable\asteroid_base.cmp” files. It searches for configuration files the same way Freelancer does: by reading “freelancer.ini”.
It reads compressed files on the fly. You don’t have to uncompress them manually (Uses BINI.EXE, slight modified version included in distribution).
It corrects on the fly the BINI 1.0 errors. Good if you have files already decompress.
It checks the syntax of INI files. For any error generated informative messages. You can go to the offending line and correct it. This means easier life for modders.

See it on LancerR: ... asp?id=659


Post Tue Nov 04, 2003 4:54 am

bluecat's program... Click it.

Are you feeling lonely or just plain horny then Click Here!!! and you'll have lots of fun...

Post Mon Nov 10, 2003 11:38 pm

Hello Lancers Reactor.
Anyway, i found a nice debugging tip that has help me alot. Though i bet im probably just an idot, and you all already know this. But ill give it a shot just in case.

Make a shortcut on your desktop (or where ever) to this...

"C:\Documents and Settings\Zerocyde\Local Settings\Application Data\Freelancer\FLSpew.txt""

Dont forget the space in Application Data, and change 'Zerocyde' to whatever you log into windows as. After an unsuccecfull freelancer run, i always check this first. The log keeps generation as you go on, so the error that crashed (or whatever) is most likeley the last entry in the file.

Okay, now feel free to laugh at me cause you all already knew this.

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