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***Tutorial of giving Objects names***

Here you find the different tutorials on editing and MODing Freelancer

Post Sun Sep 28, 2003 1:29 pm

***Tutorial of giving Objects names***

Adding Object Names
Modding Guide: Names

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15 minutes

This guide will teach you how to modify an existing name and how to create new ones.
You need following tools:
1. FLEd-ids
2. Resource Hacker

Step 1: Modifying a name
If you just want to modify
Use the FL ID referer to decode the ID e.g. 237034 (Liberty Fighter Patriot). Enter this number into the IDs_name field and
hit the IDs_name > resourceID button. Now the tool will return following:

DLL = 3 (NameResource.dll)
Table = 9DE (2527)
Position A (11)
ResourceID = 40426

The entry DLL = 3(NameResource.dll) specifies the file where the entries are saved (when dealing with names it's alwaysNameResource.dll).
Other importand values are Table = 9DE (2527) and ResourceID = 40426. Not bad that far, but to proceed we'll need the Resource Hacker.
Now open the file nameresources.dll (located in C:\yourdir\Freelancer\EXE\ ) in the hacker. Now open the table string and you'll get dozends
of numbers. Now you have to look for 2527 (from: Table = 9DE (2527)) and open this dir to get access to the ResourceID (40426).
Now search this number and if the name is really "Patriot" you got the right one and can modify it. This method works in reverse, so if you have
the Table and resourceId values you can use the FL ID ref to get the Ids_name.

Step 2: Adding a new name
First of all create a backup of the nameresource.dll in your Freelancer\exe\ directory. After that open this file in the Resource Hacker.
You have to look for a unused or free table now, I'm always using table 1315 or 3051. Now click on the free table and open it.
After that a resource will appear in the left window, click on this one and many numbers will appear in the right window. Now write
your object/ship/station's name into the field after one of the free numbers. When you have done that compile the script (button compile)
and save the ini files. Now open the FL ID Referer and enter the field's number (the one you put your name in) into the ID filed.
After that enter the table's number you were using into the table field and 7# into the INI field. When you're done with that hit ID -> ID_name
and the tool will return your name ID. Put this one into the ID fields in the ini files to give a ship/station/object your new name ...

Q:can i have cloak?
Yes.I'll give you a link to the download.

Captain DeathHawk

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Post Sun Sep 28, 2003 6:59 pm

Here is the easiest, quickest and simplest method,

Time taken - 2mins max the first time for each dll, ten seconds max every time you add something after that....
level of dificulty - what does that mean? anyone can!
You need - FLED - ids, and half a brain.
what you after - new systems name or something etc etc.

Okay - well take the number for something similar - eg patroit above. Now then - punch in its number - comes as nameresources right? Okay - keep punching away here with higher numbers (go up in 100's) then when it comes up blank, but says in the same dll at the bottom, stop. Now test either side - anything coming up? ..NO?... then you have found the 'spaces'.

Go backwards again in 10's till you find one with a name in it. Now once you have the last one - start using those numbers. This works for every dll as they all have space. Infocards one, nameresources, equipmentresources, whatever -all have lots and lots and lots of spaces.

I have added 28ships, 65 weapons, 12 commoditites, 4 systems, and some other random stuff (jumpgates etc) wihtout using any new dll's, and without needing reshack. Although the above method is okay - this one is quicker and easier as long as you have the confidence and know what you are doing. Enjoy

Post Mon Sep 29, 2003 5:04 am

Tutorial 3 - Using FLMM so that your mod works with other mods.

Problem - your mod's text resources don't jive with the newest FooMan ship release - so now your ships are all named FooFighter.

Solution - stop using hardcoded dll references!

Difficulty: Hard - Requires reading and independent thought

Step One - Read the HowTo.html that comes w/ FLMM

Two options:
1. Copy the files you are modifying into your mod's root directory.
2. make a script.xml as described in Step One.
3. For each ini file you modify create a <data></data> tag in your script.xml
It will look like this...
<data file="data\equipment\market_goods.ini" sourcefile="my_market_goods.ini" method="copyfile" scanfile="true">

4. in the ini (my_market_goods.ini) or whatever - when you have a reference to a dll like:
ids_name = 123456


ids_name = 0 ;GENERATESTRRES("I'd just like to say thank you because now my mod doesn't crap out whenever I load up the newest batch of ships from LancersReactor. In fact it always works if I load it last - because it doesn't have any hardcoded dll references in it that will screw it up. If everybody did it this way - you could load as many mods as you liked and still know the name of the ship you are about to purchase." )

Edit - the space before the close paren is to prevent a forum smiley - Bad forum, no cookie!

Option 2
1. - instead of changing the text in the actual files, put instructions on how to change the files in a script.xml file as shown in Step One. (told ya - reading is required)
2. Inside the script.xml file whenever you have:

ids_name = 45602

put instead:

ids_name = 0 ;GENERATESTRRES(" the stuff you were gonna type in to the dll"

Now you don't have to worry about whether your mod's numbers stay correct when another mod uses a dll. - The numbers are generated when the mod is activated and will always be correct.

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Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 1:04 pm

What i'm wondering is it possible to incorporate both because everytime i've tried its buggered up.. lol.. back to the drawing board for me....

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