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Post Sat Aug 23, 2003 9:31 pm


Folks, there is a short tutorial on video capturing of cutscenes and in-game using freeware tools on

Currently it's in german language, i try to translate it asap, if there is any interest.
CU !

Post Sat Aug 23, 2003 10:04 pm

Looks good. Here is the google translation:
One needs the following programs:


VirtualDub ( )

DivX codec ( )

TMPGenc ( )

Fraps is a Tool, in order to determine the Frameraten in many plays, it can in addition, videos from most plays take up, also such, which are based on DIrectX. FRAPS gives it in in Freeware versions and also in a commercial. The Freeware versions Fraps 1.9a for TNT/TNT2-Grafikkarten and Fraps 1.9d for GeForce and Radeon gibts here in the Downloadbereich or under . These versions can take up unfortunately only videos to 640x480 and without clay/tone. The commercial version can take up also higher resolutions and with clay/tone. It can be able to show to be, which one needs an additional codec, around the taken up videos gives it if necessary, here: ... dinstl.exe . Fraps takes up the files in the unkomprimierten AVI format, becomes fast very large therefore. Depending upon efficiency of the computer one can note in different photograph rates (Framerates). Try out! Before the admission one should switch Freelancer into the mode 800x600. Unfortunately dissolution is not possible in Freelancer 640x480, then one has something picture loss unfortunately with the Freeware version of Fraps.

In Fraps one can specify the key, with which the recording started and stop will. On a key put, which in flat steel bar is not used, e.g. F12.

The taken up videos land in the installation listing of Fraps.

In order to compress the videos on a reasonable measure, one can take Virtual Dub. In addition one needs a compression codec, preferably DivX. Erstmal DivX install, then VirtualDub.

Film in VirtualDub open.
Under video - > Compression - > select DivX codec. "save as Avi", finished.

The size reduces already times completely substantially. VirtualDub can do however still much more, e.g.. the size of the videos of 640x480 to e.g. 320x240 reduce. In addition under video - > filter - > ADDS - > resize - > filter mode - > bicubic einstlellen.

With the filters one can accomplish still a great deal picture manipulations. Try out! In addition one can also cut the videos in VirtualDub.

A video sequence of 130 MT unkomprimiert 640x480 reduces in such a way to 2 MT 320x240.

Who wants to play the videos as VCD in DVD Playern, the Freeware TMPGenc procures itself, with which the films can be converted into the Mpeg-1 format 352X288.
I can mostly understand it. Will add this to the database.

Post Mon Aug 25, 2003 8:34 pm

uumh, google translation sounds somehow strange as usual

Maybe this homegrown translation ist better understandable :

This is a short tutorial on howto record videos in Freelancer.

The complete tutorial can be found at

What you need :


VirtualDub ( )

DivX codec ( )

TMPGenc ( )

All tools are freeware.

Fraps is a tool to show framerates in many games, but it can also be used to record videos of most games, even those based on DirectX. There are freeware-version of FRAPS and also a commercial one.
Version 1.9a is for TNT/TNT2-based VGA-cards, Fraps 1.9d is for Geforce/Radeon. You can get those at Unfortunately it is only possible to record in 640x480 resolution and without sound.
The commercial version can record in higher resolutions and with sound. It may be that you have to download an additional codec, which you can get here : ... dinstl.exe

Fraps will record uncompressed AVI-files, so files are growing fast in a short time. Depending on the performance of your hardware, it is possible to record with different framerates.
Prior to recording, you should adjust Freelancer to 800x600 resolution.
Unfortunately it is not possible to run Freelancer in 640x480, so there will be some loss.

Within Fraps you can setup the key to start and stop recording. You should use a key not used in Freelancer for this, maybe F12.

Videos are beeing stored in the directory you used to install Fraps.
To compress the videos, you can use VirtualDub. You will also need a codec for compression, preferably DivX. First install DivX, then VirtualDub.

Open the video file in VirtualDub.
Use Video - > Compression - > select DivX codec. "save as Avi", finished.

This will reduce video size substantially.
With VirtualDub you can also reduce the size of videos, e.g. of 640x480 to 320x240.
To accomplish this, use in VirtualDub "Video - > filter - > ADDS - > resize - > filter mode - > bicubic"

With the filters you can realize many picture manipulations too. In addition you can also cut the videos in VirtualDub.
A video sequence of 130 MB in umcompressed 640x480 reduces this way to merely 2 MB in compressed 320x240.

If you want to play your videos as a VCD in DVD players, you should get a copy of TMPgenc, a freeware capable of converting the videos to standard MPEG-1 format 352x288 pixel.

Post Sat Sep 06, 2003 11:47 am

Nice program but pitty it onlys runs at 640x480 and freelancer won't drop lower than 800x600 so you end up with 3/4 of the screen.
And i can't see ppl paying for it.

Post Sat Oct 18, 2003 10:33 pm

go to pref options go to the bottom and change 800,600 to 640,480!

problem solved!

Post Sat Nov 01, 2003 8:03 pm

lol the screen capture is in bmp at 2 mb a pop it aint useable...

video might be a better option though

how do u change the res for fl?

Post Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:31 pm

You forgot the mention that an UNREGISTERED version of Fraps ONLY records 15 seconds and not a second more.

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