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I cant find a tutorial anywhere, HELP!!!

Here you find the different tutorials on editing and MODing Freelancer

Post Sat Aug 02, 2003 7:08 pm

I cant find a tutorial anywhere, HELP!!!

im trying to make the fighter the junkers use avaliable to buy at junker bases. its not the placing the ship in the base but how do i get it on the list.

Help me plese.

"Make it so" - Captain Pickard

Post Mon Aug 04, 2003 5:22 am

You tell me which fighter it is and I'll tell you how to put it in... OK? When you fight them and put a cursor on them it will identify them by name usually.

Ship IDS Numbers
237001 "Armored Transport"
237002 "Barracuda"
237003 "Hammerhead"
237004 "Piranha"
237005 "Bretonia Battleship"
237006 "Bretonia Destroyer"
237007 "Crusader"
237008 "Cavalier"
237009 "Clydesdale"
237010 "Bretonia Gunboat"
237011 "Stiletto"
237012 "Sabre"
237013 "Dagger"
237014 "Dromedary"
237015 "Starflier"
237016 "Startracker"
237017 "Hawk"
237018 "Falcon"
237019 "Eagle"
237020 "Centurion"
237021 "Titan"
237022 "Legionnaire"
237023 "CSV"
237024 "Heavy Lifter"
237025 "Kusari Battleship"
237026 "Kusari Destroyer"
237027 "Dragon"
237028 "Drake"
237029 "Drone"
237030 "Kusari Gunboat"
237031 "Liberty Cruiser"
237032 "Liberty Dreadnought"
237033 "Defender"
237034 "Patriot"
237035 "Rhino"
237036 "Luxury Liner"
237037 "Mining Ship"
237038 "Nomad Battleship"
237039 "Nomad Fighter"
237040 "Nomad Gunboat"
237041 "Anubis"
237042 "Order Ship"
237043 "Osiris"
237044 "Wolfhound"
237045 "Bloodhound"
237046 "Mule"
237047 "Prison Liner"
237048 "Repair Ship"
237049 "Rheinland Battleship"
237050 "Rheinland Cruiser"
237051 "Valkyrie"
237052 "Banshee"
237053 "Humpback"
237054 "Rheinland Gunboat"

By the way, this list (a very small part of his whole work) came from a very useful compilation in Excel format from SubZero that was (hopefully still is) available in the tools section of the Editing forum. Download it at your earliest convenience, it is invaluable.


Post Mon Aug 04, 2003 8:51 pm

Thanx "Just so guy".
The fighter the junkers use is the:
237023 "CSV"

So how do i put it in.
Do your magic.

"Make it so" - Captain Pickard

Post Tue Aug 05, 2003 6:29 am

Putting the Junkers CSV in the game for Players

Ok... using the same source I quoted before, that is SubXero's excellent "FreelancerMiscDataBase.xls", I can see that one of the Junker's bases is Rochester base in the New York system (Li01_13). Now it is a small matter to look up that number in the shiparch.ini file and I find that ship is the ge_csv. Looking up the ids_info number (66551) using Fled-ids, we find that this is:

Combat Service Vehicle (CSV)</TEXT><PARA/><TRA data="0" mask="1" def="-1"/><JUST loc="left"/><TEXT> </TEXT><PARA/><TEXT>The CSV is a ship specific to the Junkers and the Hogosha. Not generally considered a huge threat, it is used in their nearly continuous search for more salvage.

though it has only 1900 armor, it seems to have a hold size of 1 million units...!

However, it does not have a regular ids_info, ids_info1, ids_info2 and ids_info3 like all the player ships have, so unless you want to make something up and put it in a dll file using FLed-ids, you will not have the benefit of information in the shipdealer screen when you go to buy the ship, describing the available hardpoints etc... Perhaps you can live without those for now.

Examining the goods_ini file we find there is no package for this ship... Why? Because it has never been offered for sale, yet it does exist, so... we need to find it. Looking in loadouts.ini, a file used to equip all the NPC ships in the game, we find... TA DAAAA...

nickname = fc_h_ge_csv_loadout01 ;<===this ship equiped for this faction
archetype = ge_csv ;<===the actual ship
equip = ge_csv_engine_01
equip = npc_shield02_mark05, HpShield01
equip = infinite_power ;<===cool... no running out of gunpowder here!
equip = ge_s_scanner_02
equip = ge_s_tractor_01
equip = ge_s_thruster_01, HpThruster01 ;<===maybe change to HpThruster04
equip = armor_scale_7 ;<===tougher than a brick!
equip = fc_h_gun01_mark01, HpWeapon01 ;<===only 2 guns...
equip = fc_h_gun01_mark02, HpWeapon02
equip = fc_j_turret01_mark01, HpTurret01 ;<===and a turret!
equip = ge_s_cm_01, HpCM01 ;<=== could change to HpCM03
cargo = ge_s_cm_01_ammo, 20 ;<===likewise for the CounterMeasure ammo
equip = LargeWhiteSpecial, HpHeadlight ;<===the running light package...
equip = FastSmallRed, HpRunningLight01
equip = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight02
equip = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight03
equip = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight04
equip = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight05
equip = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight06
equip = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight07
equip = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight08
equip = contrail01, HpContrail01 ;<===makes it look zippy in flight!
equip = contrail01, HpContrail02
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight01
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight02

Now to use this thing as a buyable ship in the game, you have to make a few changes and make it a piece of merchandise for sale using goods.ini. Some of the "eqip" entries must be changed to "addon" entries. Plus it must have a Hull entry with its own ids_name. Let's make a stab at it and try this...

[Good ;<===braket won't be here in the forum but needs to be closed in game
nickname = ge_csv ;<===may or may not need the "_hull" part here.
category = shiphull
ship = ge_csv
price = 3000 ;<===make whatever you want
ids_name = 237023
item_icon = ships\utility\csv\csv_shield.3db ;<===just guessing on the icon!

[Good ;<===make sure all the brakets are closed.
nickname = ge_csv_package
catagory = ship
hull = ge_csv ;<===didn"t use the "_hull" part before so not here either.
addon = ge_csv_engine_01, internal, 1
addon = npc_shield02_mark05, HpShield01, 1
addon = infinite_power, internal, 1
addon = ge_s_scanner_02, internal, 1
addon = ge_s_tractor_01, internal, 1
addon = ge_s_thruster_01, HpThruster01
;equip = armor_scale_7
;equip = fc_h_gun01_mark01, HpWeapon01
;equip = fc_h_gun01_mark02, HpWeapon02
;equip = fc_j_turret01_mark01, HpTurret01
addon = ge_s_cm_01, HpCM01, 1
;cargo = ge_s_cm_01_ammo, 20 ;<=== don't trust it... you will have to buy these
addon = LargeWhiteSpecial, HpHeadlight
addon = FastSmallRed, HpRunningLight01
addon = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight02
addon = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight03
addon = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight04
addon = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight05
addon = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight06
addon = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight07
addon = SlowSmallYellow, HpRunningLight08
addon = contrail01, HpContrail01
addon = contrail01, HpContrail02
addon = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight01
addon = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight02

Note I have commented out the weapons and the armor scale refrences 'cause they are not in any other goods.ini file and so I don't know if they would work or not... they might, but I don't really know. Paste the above hull and package entries in at the bottom of the goods.ini file after making a backup of it. Of course you have already decrypted it using bini.exe or some such file to render a copy of the original as a text file, renamed the original as "goods.ini.bak" or some such, and renamed the text file from "goods.ini.txt" to just plain "goods.ini", thus making it the one that runs when the game starts...

Now all that remains is to put the thing into the market_ships.ini file at the base you want to buy it at and see if it flys (so to speak!). You will have preformed the same decryption, renaming and backing up on the market_ships.ini file before all this happens as a matter of course. Now you know to go to the bottom of the section for:

base = Li01_13_base ;<===the Junkers base at Rochester

and put this line at the very end of that section:
marketgood = ge_csv_package, 0, -1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1

That should do it! Let me know how it comes out. I don't know how the ship will equip with no references to hardpoints in the shiparch.ini so I am not sure how many hardpoints it really has. It may be that you have to use the goods.ini package entry to equip the hardpoints by useing "addon" instead of "equip" for those weapon hardpoints, but that should be a small matter from here on. Please write back here and let me know what happens next, but this should work. However, again... before you start, I would make backups of the:



Post Tue Aug 05, 2003 6:14 pm

Wow thanks.
How did you find that out. I tried to fallow the playable battleship tutorial except doing changes to the CSV and nothing happened.
Your very cool. Now back to adding this to my mod (i'll give you some credit).

"Make it so" - Captain Pickard

Post Wed Aug 06, 2003 6:16 pm

Huh? I doesnt work.
I tried to add it to the letter and nothing happened!
I tried to add it on FL Explorer and it wasnt on the list!

So once again...


"Make it so" - Captain Pickard

Post Sat Aug 09, 2003 11:47 pm

LOL BlazeMe u must be talkin about ur Sirius mod. well, i will work with u on dat.

EDIT: Wait i dont mean the CSV i suck at making ships


Edited by - born to be wild on 10-08-2003 00:48:03

Post Sun Aug 10, 2003 6:30 pm

I have a tutorial on adding ships, with a section on infocards as well... should you desire to have your stats visible... it also has a small part on how to place the ship on pittsburgh... I believe that you could easily modify that to another location... ... orum_ID=29
Hope this helps.

Post Sat Oct 04, 2003 8:23 am

Thanks guys, Ive evenually got it to work.

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