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¶editing starting ship/weapons¶

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Post Thu Jun 19, 2003 6:51 pm

¶editing starting ship/weapons¶

I have looked up and down this site and i am unable to locate how to chage you starting ship and i started out at the mod for changing money and all that which was posted a long while ago so i was just wondering if any one could please help me


Post Fri Jun 20, 2003 2:51 am

Go to your freelancer data folder and open the ships folder then with BINIQDU open loadouts.ini. The first section is your starting ship. Replace it with this just cut and paste.

nickname = msn_playerloadout
archetype = bw_elite2
equip = ge_bwe_engine_01
equip = npc_shield01_mark09, HpShield01
equip = infinite_power
equip = ge_s_scanner_02
equip = ge_s_tractor_01
equip = ge_s_thruster_01, HpThruster01
equip = armor_scale_2
equip = fc_ou_gun01_mark05, HpWeapon01
equip = fc_ou_gun01_mark04, HpWeapon02
equip = fc_ou_gun01_mark04, HpWeapon03
equip = fc_ou_gun01_mark04, HpWeapon04
equip = fc_ou_gun01_mark04, HpWeapon05
equip = missile01_mark03, HpWeapon06
cargo = missile01_mark03_ammo, 20
equip = fc_ou_turret01_mark02, HpTurret01
equip = cruise_disruptor01_mark02, HpTorpedo01
cargo = cruise_disruptor01_mark02_ammo, 5
equip = mine01_mark04, HpMine01
cargo = mine01_mark04_ammo, 20
equip = ge_s_cm_01, HpCM01
cargo = ge_s_cm_01_ammo, 20
equip = LargeWhiteSpecial, HpHeadlight
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight01
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight02
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight03
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight04
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight05
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight06
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight07
equip = SlowSmallWhite, HpRunningLight08
equip = contrail01, HpContrail01
equip = contrail01, HpContrail02
equip = contrail01, HpContrail03
equip = contrail01, HpContrail04
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight01
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight02
cargo = ge_s_battery_01, 10
cargo = ge_s_repair_01, 10

As for your starting money, open the missions folder and look in the folder called MO1A open the mo1a.ini with BINIQDU and change the reward to what ever you need ;

mission_title = 1
mission_offer = 1
reward = 1000000 -------change this line-----
npc_ship_file = missions\m01a\npcships.ini

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream !!

Post Sat Jun 21, 2003 4:29 am

aah think you so much

Post Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:36 am

Small problem with this:

I put in the code/info for the drake (copied the whole deal) and it just stuck me in the standard starting ship.


Post Tue Oct 07, 2003 7:34 pm

Make sure you have the right file. Then make sure you've got the right "archtype".

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