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*** Tutorial *** Creating New Weapons

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Post Thu Jun 05, 2003 8:09 pm

ok, havent seen u in a while, so im gonna ask a simple question ;o)

where do i save the xml file??

im not sure

thx in advance

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Fri Jun 06, 2003 12:17 pm

What time do you usually get online on msn ?

You export a file(in xml format for infos) from the dll file and make changes and save it again. Then you open the new dll with reshack then add resource.

Resource type is 23
You know the dll number and resource name i suppose.

Then its added under the tree 23.

Post Sat Jun 07, 2003 2:55 pm

Any time usually, jus pop in and out quite regularly, although over the next 3 weels i shall be on holiday so i might miss you for a while

i'll repost when im back, have fun!

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Mon Jun 23, 2003 12:25 am

setting the angular velocity to 360 will cause a dumbfire missile...the game treats 360 as it actually is too...i think the highest you can go is 180...dont know, just makes sense...

Post Mon Jun 23, 2003 12:26 am

hey should talk to TFK-Killermatrix about reps...he's the author of the B5 Mod and last time I checked he had 6 new factions...


Post Sat Jun 28, 2003 1:58 am

I dunno what to say but I followed the instructions step by step and freelancer crashes when it's supposed to load the main menu. I even switched to new ini files. I'm gonna go through it again. Is there an easy way to find out which file is causing a problem? perhaps an error report of some kind..

Right now i'll use othe entries for the dll description, to see if the dll is the problem.

Another question related to freelancer.ini. The text isn't really formatted, it has all these comment lines and i'm not sure if it's reading my new lines.


Post Sat Jun 28, 2003 2:23 am

Oooh yeah, i got it to work. I'm not sure what the problem was but it might have been one of these:

1. I thought freelancer.ini is compressed so i used BNI thing and saved it. It's NOT compressed.

2. When you save freelancer.ini use "Save As" instead and make sure it saves a "freelancer.ini" and All Files type.

I'm SOOO happy this works, thx a lot catscratcher i love u.

Post Mon Jun 30, 2003 11:58 pm

ok i know that cloaking is "cheating" but i have a quick question...In mission 7 where the Rhineland Agent cloaks (this is the only place IN the game and not in a movie that shows cloaking) is it possible to open the mission folder find the cloaking device and make a new weapon to cloak? Or would u have to look in a weapons folder?

Post Fri Jul 25, 2003 12:07 pm

I wrote a tut about making guns, also provided a few nice lists to choose the effects and stuff from. It contains a bit more info, also mines and other stuff. you can find it here:

sry that i didn't post it here, reformatting it would be too much work
It contains all i have learned of guns in FL, a few points are still open though.
I would thank anyone who can fill in the few ???-s or correct wrong things...

modder on

Post Tue Sep 09, 2003 12:47 pm

To Catscrather,
my name is pointless. I have got your weapons tutorial and was wondering if the second step with the dll files was important.
I tryed to run freelancer using just step one and it crashed. I s this right?

Post Tue Sep 09, 2003 4:08 pm

To pointless,
This thread is very old so i doubt that this guy is still here!! However, / couldn't be arsed to read the whole thing, so based on assumptions:
I guess you made a new weaponinthe weapons_equip.ini. Now if you have an identical weapons ids numbers (name and number) the game will crash, so youneed to make ids numbers for them. Weapons only have two numbers, onename, one info (nice and simple for us ). Now with this, you should make a backup of your euipmentresources.dll (copy it to an originals folder so you never lose it!!. Okay, you will need Fled Ids info card editor (downloads section) and then open up the directory to mod (if you are doing it in flmm you will need to copy the dll file AND freelancer.ini to an exe folder within your mods name folder. If it is straight to your files though, just select the freelancer directory and it takes it from there. Now type in to name of your gun (ids name number that is, and click get ids name. There is the name of the original gun. The dlls can hold lots os stuff, and in fact this one has alot of space, so you can add to the end of it easily.......from 320001 upwards if memory serves me right!!. Type in the name of your gun, type in that number into the field for ids name (replacing the one you used from the game, and click save ids name button. Now 320001 will have your weapons name - like noob basher or whatever. Okay, now typeinthe ids info number for the gun you used as your template, and get the info.This is in XML format......i suck at this stuff - so, anything inside a < blah> tag you leave, in fact the ONLY things you touch are the bits you can read... actually, do what i did,gointo the game, and write down EVERYTHING you see when you buy a gun (everything!!!)then compare with the text you see when you got the ids info. OKAY - you will now note that there is nothing for the energy use, refire rate etc etc etc - the game works out those values itself, so all you change is the text you see that you have written down infront of you - basically you just make a description, the game sorts the values. Now when you have put in all the blurb about your gun, enter the number 321001 in the ids info box. Click the save ids info button. You now have two numbers for your weapon.
Enter them int your weapon euip parts and make surethe gun is selling somewhere and bingo, you have you gun AYE
Why from 320001 for the ids name?? Cause there are hundreds of empty numbers from this number upwards!!!
Why is the ids info from 321001 then, and not from 320002?? This is because ids info numbers are 1000 more than the names to keep everything separate (nice and easy eh??) so if your name is 320055 then the info will be 321055 - get it??
Gun shows wrong data for what i gave it: - did you change the projectile archetype for your new weapon?? Irt is still firing its old rounds!! Mak sure the line projectile_archetype = li_gun02_mark04_ammo is pointing to YOUR ammo and not the old ones
MY gun aint selling!! : Did you create a weapons good for it? Copy an existing weapons one, change the nicknames etc and the ids number, set your pirce. Did you set the gun to sell at the right base?? Its in the market_misc.ini - find out the base name (subxero's database is invaluable here) and add a marketgood = for your weapon (copy another entry, then change the nickname)
My gun looks poxy when shooting: Changethiu spart of the ammo entry
one_shot_sound = fire_plasma2 ;noise - choose a gun sound you like
munition_hit_effect = li_plasma_03_impact
const_effect = li_plasma_03_proj ; what it looks like when flying through the air!
Make it what you want instead.
I crash during startup: This is always something to do with the equipment you made. Check the ids numbers and info are correct, make sure that the names aren't clashing with anything else (not a good idea to make a li_gun01_mark07 sort of addon as at some point you come a cropper - use a studio sort of orientatin, all mine are te_gun01 etc (te - the elite)
Next check the goods entry for it! Does it have the correct ids name? Do you have the nickname right, and is it pointing towards your gun in the weapon_euip?? (i keep the names here the same - itdoesn't matter)
I crash when i go to the equip dealer = you got the name wrong in the market_misc - you are selling something at the base that doesn't exist!!
By the way, this also happnes for ships - you go to ship dealer, see your hsip, but if you click on it and crash - its the goods_package - something don' t exist!!
Hope this helps you out, and anyone else who takes a peek.......

The Elite Modding Project

Post Thu Sep 18, 2003 7:16 am

The DLL template doesn't work, i mean the link is broken.

Post Sun Sep 21, 2003 9:42 pm

Well. I wasn't doing anything with freelancer for a while and umm I've wondered how it's going around here. I'll see if i can start editing freelancer again but i think i can stick around here again.

The link to the template dll is broken because of the protection against bandwidth thieft. Click it and copy paste the url to a fresh Internet Explorer window. It'll work then. (It's not true that the link has to be on my site in order to be used )

This cat scratches free.

Post Mon Sep 22, 2003 4:36 am

Read my post, you don't need template dll's unless you are creating several hundreds of guns(like 300+)

Post Mon Oct 27, 2003 7:44 pm

Hi guys, i made new guns, made up the ID Numbers.. (From a file with every number in the game... jst maded sure the number wasnt used by anything else )
And im 90% sure ive done the .dll.. but for some reason it doesnt come up with the info in the equipment seller. Like it doesnt have a name or any info. I must be somthing to do with my .dll file but i dont have a clue what!!

Any ideas??

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