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*** Tutorial *** Creating New Weapons

Here you find the different tutorials on editing and MODing Freelancer

Post Tue May 27, 2003 11:29 pm

I've edited my last post, read the last lines.

I'm going offline now. Probably i'll look here tomorrow. I've just wanted to say that cuz i know the feeling when you say "damn he was replying, where's he gone ?"

Post Tue May 27, 2003 11:52 pm

ok, i made a mistake in my previous post

when i put 263211 into the ini referer, with 1,1,8 as my input values it came back with 524289, in your original post u said that this represented 101, so i presume that 102 is represented by 524290, i presume this cos your tut. added 1 to its ids_name "Now click the button below the DLL #. There should be a number shown below the button now. Note that down. It's 458752, Ok this points to darkangel not our new example. It's the first entry remember ?
Your weapon's ids_name number is 458753 and the ids_info number is 458853"
so i came to the conclusion that my numbers were as followed: -

ids_name 524290
ids_info 524390

i subsequantly tried this and FL crashed after the FL screen, i deleted my autosave and still nothing.

any suggestions??

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Wed May 28, 2003 12:34 am

ok, this is a big ask for you, so i'll understand if yer unwilling to do this

seeing as u know what to do, and i presume u have some working weps of yer own, how about....

copying the part of the ini file that relates to the new ids_name / ids_info into the thread, i basically copied the info for the gun from the tut. thus we have the same gun, i fiddled with the power and range etc but its in essence the same. all that may be wrong is the dll, which is a pain in the *** and the numbers, as i have told u my numbers i guess u can see what im coming up with, maybe a copy and paste wouldnt go a miss.

sorry for being such a pain, but there doesnt seem to be anyone else ( but you have been great up to now, so close to the finishing post.... just a few more problems to iron out.

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Wed May 28, 2003 7:14 am

Ok, I did exactly what you said to do, but in hull damage line I put 100000.100000.

I started the game and the weapon is in there, but the hull damage is only 10.

What is going on. I even tried to put in 1231.12123 and it still reads as 10. What am I doing wrong?

Post Wed May 28, 2003 2:52 pm

ok, i must be retarded

i just reinstalled FL, do my DLL was #7 like yours, i get the same info as u, i followed it to the letter, again, and it crashes on startup

im at a loss now

gonna reinstall FL again now, add my mod back in so that becomes dll#7 so i'll be back to this as #8

why cant i get it to work?? anyone else have problems like this?

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Wed May 28, 2003 3:33 pm

Did you try the example i gave above ?

I believe you have to undo everything you've done to get your game working again. Start removing the dll entry in the freelancer.ini
Then remove any entries to the weapon_equip.ini and weapon_good.ini and finally market_misc.ini

If you used the method in my 5th post. Then you basically delete the entries of the new ini files you made from the freelancer. Then your game should work.

Or did you save the game manuallyt after buying a custom weapon ? If you deleted that weapon or changed any nickname in the weapon's entries, you have to delete that save file too.

Your numbers are correct. 524290 is the name of the second weapon. 524289 is the darkangel's idsname. 524390 is the idinfo number of the seconds weapon. 524389 is the idinfo of the darkangel.

Munition 's nickname is used as the Gun 's projectile_archetype. And the Gun 's nickname is used as the Good 's equipment. So those are relevant to each other. Finally you use te Good 's nickname in the market_misc.ini under the base entries.

If you get your game working again. Try the first weapon darkangel for example. It's idsname is 524289 and idinfo 524389. Of course when you get your working, you have to download the dll template again. The dll file might have been damaged. Do not save script table and 23 table changes at the same time.

ICQ : 13691565

Edited by - Catscratcher on 28-05-2003 16:36:36

Post Wed May 28, 2003 3:42 pm

We can talk via icq or mirc or even messenger. You should try the other way which is creating new ini files instead of messing with the originals. I can guide you step by step.

Edited by - Catscratcher on 28-05-2003 16:48:38

Post Wed May 28, 2003 4:03 pm

ok, i tried using 524290 and 524390 as my original is numbers it didnt work, i save the dll every step of the way.

i havent tried using new ini's cos the problem lies with the dll

i can get my weapon to show up, with proper stats and price that i stipulated but the info that comes up with it is for another gun, wrong name and info.

i therefore assume that, by the fact that b4 i try to mess with FL.ini and the dll it works, i must be going wrong with the 2nd part of the tut.

out of interest, do u use mods? and what is your dll#?

to put me out of my misery, my msn (if u have it) is...

dont have icq, but have irc so if u wanna use that jus provide a room

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Wed May 28, 2003 8:30 pm

I added you to the messenger thing. I really hate this crap and use rarely. We'll solve your problem when you get online.

Post Thu May 29, 2003 7:49 pm

A nice thread about creating guns. Here's some extra details about missiles and torpedos

nickname = torpedo01_mark01_motor
lifetime = 2
accel = 150
delay = 0

nickname = torpedo01_mark01_explosion
effect = li_torpedo01_impact
lifetime = 0.000000, 0.000000
process = disappear
strength = 100
radius = 25
hull_damage = 4848
energy_damage = 0
impulse = 0

nickname = torpedo01_mark01_ammo
explosion_arch = torpedo01_mark01_explosion
loot_appearance = ammo_crate
units_per_container = 1
hp_type = hp_torpedo
requires_ammo = true
hit_pts = 2
one_shot_sound = fire_torpedo
detonation_dist = 6.250000
lifetime = 37.500000
Motor = torpedo01_mark01_motor
force_gun_ori = false
const_effect = li_torpedo01_drive
HP_trail_parent = HPExhaust
seeker = LOCK
time_to_lock = 0
seeker_range = 2000
seeker_fov_deg = 60
max_angular_velocity = 8.580670
DA_archetype = equipment\models\torpedoes\ge_torpedo.3db
material_library = equipment\models\ge_equip.mat
ids_name = 265163
ids_info = 266163
mass = 1
volume = 0.000000

nickname = torpedo01_mark01
ids_name = 263163
ids_info = 264163
DA_archetype = equipment\models\torpedoes\ge_torpedo.3db
material_library = equipment\models\ge_equip.mat
HP_child = HPConnect
hit_pts = 1405
explosion_resistance = 1.000000
debris_type = debris_normal
parent_impulse = 20
child_impulse = 80
volume = 0.000000
mass = 10
hp_gun_type = hp_torpedo_special_2
damage_per_fire = 0
power_usage = 0
refire_delay = 1
muzzle_velocity = 100
toughness = 12.100000
projectile_archetype = torpedo01_mark01_ammo
dry_fire_sound = fire_dry
separation_explosion = sever_debris
auto_turret = false
turn_rate = 90
lootable = true
LODranges = 0, 20, 60, 100

A few nice things to do to make better missiles:

Under Motor:
Lifetime: is the time the motor runs for
Accel: is the acceleration the motor produces

The projectile speed is the lifetime x acceleration + muzzle velocity so here it's 400m/s.

Under Explosion:
Hull damage : obvious i think
Energy damage: make a paralyzer

Under Munition:
Requires ammo = true: change this to false and you will have a missile launcher that doesn't need ammo to fire, it works like a gun.
Seeker = LOCK : the missile locks on to the target ie homing not dumbfire.
Seeker_range : is the range.
Seeker_fov_deg : field of view of the seeker. Change this to 90 and it will find your target if it is within in a 90 degree angle (haven't tried 360: could be a killer)
Max_angular_velocity : this is the turn rate. About 12 is enough for the missile to be able to follow virtually anything, depending on speed.

Under Gun:
Refire_delay : is the firing rate, expressed as delay in seconds between shots.
Muzzle_velocity: combine with motor for the projectile speed
HP_gun_type: change to torpedo_special_2 and you can mount it as a cruise disruptor if there are no torpedo slots on your ship. The missiles specify the class, as with guns.

Try this example for a much more useful starkiller torpedo.

Word of caution: I first started changing the normal missiles e.g javelin for much more power, but I forgot that NPC's carry them too - I got blasted away in a few seconds. How I laughed. AFAIK npc's don't carry torpedo's though.

Thanks to Catscratcher for a good post, hope it's ok to add these other things.

Post Fri May 30, 2003 12:31 pm

That's a cool post about missiles&torpedoes. Adding completely new ones are exactly like weapons.

I just can't sign in to messenger. I think its about the internet cables which are damaged after the earthquake in morocco. They say it will take another week to repair so it seems i won't be on messenger for sometime. We can meet in an irc channel. I'm on in #sphereserver most of the time. You can find me there.

Post Fri May 30, 2003 1:42 pm

ok, irc it is, i found yer chatroom, but no catscratcher online, what time u usually check in? make it CET i presume yer on that timeframe as yer last post was about that, im GMT but its close enough

im running 2 mods now, both the new rebalance mods, so my DLL will soon be 9, so more new ids numbers to fiddle with

cya in sphereserver soon

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Fri May 30, 2003 10:22 pm

ouch i missed ya. I was there when you came. I was trying some stuff in freelancer actually. I didn't see ya come in.

I installed trillian and it connected to msn. So i'd be seeing you soon.

Post Fri May 30, 2003 11:18 pm

cool, i check in and outta both regularly so i'll catch u in either..

what were u doing with FL then?

You call that a ship, THIS is a ship[![![!

Post Sun Jun 01, 2003 4:26 pm

I've added a planet near to Battleship Missouri based on manhattan.
It has a docking ring too. I've set its group setting to nomads to see if they will show up in the rep list. They did not.

It's convincing me that rep thing is hardcoded.

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