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**Tutorial** - Creating Wrecks AND Setting their loots

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Post Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:21 pm

Do you think it's possible to load up a "special" wreck with the life pod of Miguel Benitez son?
Sellable only on Malta for a reward of 6 million credits. (As per the rumors)
I've created a wreck along with a large debris field in a far corner of Sigma-17. This area is patrolled by level 21 Outcasts and Nomads.

Oddly, when exploring some time back, I stumbled onto an unknown marker bouy in that general area. This gave rise to the prospect of capitalizing on rumor of Benitez missing son. Who knows? It could have been placed there as a place holder for just that purpose but was never completed.

You end up fighting off nomads while you're exploring a "hot zone" and if you stumble on several nomad and outcast wrecks..also, the "mystery wreck".
the data display reads,
"Scans indicate there is a 65% probability that his ship belongs to Miguel Benitez missing son" .
You zap the ship and loot a life pod containing Miguel Benitez missing son.
Suddenly, the Outcasts patrolling the area have become friendly toward you...(as though you had just bought the premium bribe for the outcasts) OR...they start scanning you for the precious loot if they happen to be neutral.
This cargo is worth 6 million credits! (seems like alot of NPC's would love to get their hands on that! ) But, of course, you'ld have to kill them to get that one back because you know NPC's won't cash in on it. So the last thing you want is to see some space cadet flying off with your "fortune".
Meanwhile, you still have to get out of a hostile hot zone with nomads still trying to take a piece of you.

Another possible twist is perhaps a data pod/disk that relates the apparent location of where Benitez can be found somewhere else in the system on in one of the other sigma systems. (The last known whereabouts of Benitez son)

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Post Fri Apr 27, 2007 6:51 pm

It's been since December since I asked that last question.
All I would like to do is simply loadout a wreck with an escape pod and lable it as Benitez. (sellable on Malta for 6 million credits)
Just thought I'd bump this one up in the hope of getting some feedback.

Post Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:10 am

Well you would need to create a new ship loadout and put some guns inside.In its cargo pod you would add an escape pod and then you would use this new loadout for your wreck.

Post Wed Aug 29, 2007 12:43 pm

Hey, I followed your instructions to the dot. I basically copied the surprise bounty hunter ship files and made a 2nd "Aggressor" show up next to the original. But, the 2nd Aggressor's hit points don't go down at all when I shoot it, and it doesn't show the loot when I shoot it (even though I assigned a lot of loot to it). Do you know what's up?

Post Thu Aug 30, 2007 5:27 am

and, I don't see a second red x on the map. Please respond soon !

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