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**Tutorial** - Large Train

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Post Sat Mar 29, 2003 1:44 am

got it! thanks again

Post Sat Mar 29, 2003 2:17 pm

1. Damn good idea. Love to haul the freight.
2. Consider me one damn big N00B.
3. Not a problem downloading and installing.
and alas here it comes...
Every time I buy the ship and launch from Manhattan....crash

Wanted to check the .ini files but opening them up I get alot of wierd characters and nothing is organized like other .ini files I have opened before in other progs.

Point it out to the blind so they may see.

Post Sat Mar 29, 2003 2:50 pm

Part of problem solved.
You cannot launch without wpns..that is why the crash.
However...I cannot dock planets will look into that now.

Post Sat Mar 29, 2003 4:59 pm

There was a guide about mooring somewhere, i believe this can solve the docking problem.

Post Sat Mar 29, 2003 5:02 pm

strange.. i can dock to planets.of course if u want to dock to stations u have to use the "ghost docking ring mod" ,u can find it with freelancer mod manager 0.7

Post Sat Mar 29, 2003 5:07 pm

to UNSETH....
if u want i can send u the nomad battleship and some other ships....

Post Sat Mar 29, 2003 9:09 pm

soulforge, when ive installed the mod, where do i buy the ship

Post Sun Mar 30, 2003 9:41 pm

Bump, tired of seeing all these get lost into the abyss and seeing the same stupid questions asked over and over.

Post Mon Mar 31, 2003 1:50 am



Post Sat Apr 12, 2003 9:15 am

Got a clue how to make the cargo containers appear?

War does not decide who is right, only who is left.

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Post Sun Apr 13, 2003 4:04 pm

You could make this a legitimate ship by making its cargo space around 1000 but limiting it to 3 turrets and only a lvl 4 shield. the turrets could go up to lvl 6. Im new to modding but i think it would be cool if someone or som group could make all ships pilotable and add other ships and new systems without making the game boring or unblanced. This ship could also involve teamplay online, your obviously wanna gunna hire some ppl to escort you on a diamond run from berlin to tokyo, give em a share of the 1.6 mil u can make on that trip (based on a 400k trip using a humpback which has 250 cargo). Battle ships could be the ship of the l33t.

Post Sun Apr 13, 2003 4:25 pm

regarding my above post:

Id be willing to work on such a project. im not great at modding this game yet but ive modded many others (even a game with no community, siege of avalon). so i shoudlbe be far from modding this one easily. Before anything else i would make all ships readily available. for the giant ones is it possible to make custom interiors for ports? such as a view from the windows out to three non-rotation ships in the norfolk shipyard?

id need staff, especially till i can make a ship purchasable as fast as i can create a unit in cnc renegade or make a high detailed terrain in ut2003. any help would be appreicated, if this gets off the ground, errr... spaceport.

EDIT: posted here

Edited by - Maimer1 on 13-04-2003 18:18:24

Post Sun Apr 27, 2003 4:50 am

yeah can u send me the nomad stuff i have the bship but nothing else thanx

Mess With the Best Die lIke the Rest

Post Sun Apr 27, 2003 5:21 am

errmmmm it doesnt work for me i can buy it and **** ut everytime i i take off i get a connection prob ehat do i do

Mess With the Best Die lIke the Rest

Post Sat May 17, 2003 4:17 am

Yah it crashes when you launch ... did you test it in mp soul

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