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Ever since the nomad war, people in Sirius wondered "Where have the Nomads gone, anyway?". This led to a new discovery. an explorer ship was sent out into the Omicrons to search for anything left of the Nomads. After months of searching, they found them. The Nomads quickly destroyed the ship, and the disstress call was never recieved. Later, another explorer set out and found something that wasnt the Nomads, but much worse... a new alien race. In 815 AS, the new alien race launched their firt strike. A faction that had been gone for years, The Order, returned and started protecting Sirius from them, but Liberty forgot what they had done in the Nomad war, a new war has started. And now, with Trent and Juni missing, it is much worse.

+ Finished
- Not started
-- Might do
--- Unlikely but possible
+= Working on it
Feature list:
New systems +=
New custom ships --
New weapons -
Original capships flyable-
New alien race -
New storyline campaign ---
Other small features +=

I need help on many things in this mod. If you can help join at this forum: