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Running FL Server in Windows 2003 User Account

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Post Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:16 am

Running FL Server in Windows 2003 User Account

As I couldn't find any help on my problem, now that I have solved it it may be useful to someone else too...

When running FL Server in Windows 2003 Server in a user account, it appeared on the Global List but players could not connect (the dreaded timeout screen).

When I ran it in the Administrator account, or from the user account using "Run as..." Administrator, all was well. But when running in the user account with "Run as..." Administrator, whenever IFSO restarted it, it would of course start in the user account and would be visible but inaccessible again.

I was not using the built-in Firewall, nor any other, and although the server is a commercial one and uses a dedicated gateway, this was not the problem either.

Directx 9.0c is also installed and diagnosed OK.

I tried making the user account a Power User, an Administrator, giving it ownership of the FL Server.exe, full control over the program, and every other seemingly relevant thing I saw in passing. Still the same.

Finally, as a "let's see what happens if...", after enabling the Firewall in Administrator, and adding FLServer.exe as an exception, when I started FL Server I was informed that a so-far unseen process named "Microsoft DirectPlay8 Server" had been blocked by the Firewall, and I was then able to tell Firewall to allow it access. It then appeared in the exceptions list together with FLServer.exe. By the way, disable File Sharing in the exceptions list if it appears, unless you need to have it enabled for your own use.

This did the trick.

Switching to the user account, I was able to run FL Server together with IFSO with proper control over all functions, and once I had copied the player files from the Administrator account to the user account and configured IFSO with the correct paths, FL Server was flying again.

It now runs sweet as a dromedary freighter in the basic game...?? (After it had me in frustration for a couple of days).

Another possible problem-causer that I caught in passing, or maybe just a red herring, is that our commercial server had been set up with two IP addresses, presumably one to allow us remote access on a separate IP while the server does its business on the other one, but this led to a bit of uncertainty when I was able to connect with Remote Desktop on either IP. So I removed the one not used by FL Server, and it's running fine at the moment.

By the way, we found FLMonitor.exe ( which is meant to run FL Server as a service, but found that we could then not communicate with FL Server with IFSO anyway, so I abandoned the idea of running it as a servce, since IFSO does the restart fairly well most of the time, other than when FL Server hangs with the dreaded "send report to Microsoft?" screen.

Hope this is of use to someone sometime.

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Post Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:36 am


Now that I have had to learn a little more about running FL in Windows 2003 Server because of problems:

To run FL Server in a restricted, non-Administrator user account, you need to ensure that the user account has the following rights (set them in Local Security Policy):

Users group (the user account should be already a member by default):
..Allow logon locally
..Bypass Traverse Checking

Remote Desktop Users group (ensure the user account is a member):
..Allow Logon through Terminal Services

User account:
..Create global objects
..Change the system time (may be needed to set up Ioncross FL Server Op auto-maintenance)

Also ensure that the user account has ownership and Full Control (including Read/Write) of the following folders and files:-
... Appropriate Freelancer Folder and all its files and subfolders (if installed)
... Ioncross FL Server Op Folder and all its files and subfolders (if installed)
... FLStat Folder and all its files and subfolders (if installed)

Ensure that your firewall exceptions include:-
... Freelancer.exe
... FL Server.exe and
... Microsoft DirectPlay8 Server

If you still can see the server on the Global List but can't connect, then you need to open UDP ports 2300, 2301, 2302, 2303 and 2304 manually in your firewall.

Finally, remove the user account from the Administrators group and also from the Power Users group.

This will ensure that the user account can't do any damage to the server if it's misused or usurped.

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Post Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:41 am

Now in return, can anyone help with the following query please:-

Is it possible to run two FL Server sessions simultaneously on the same Windows 2003 server, in different user accounts, with one network card?

If yes, please explain how?

This is so we can run two mods on a commercial server, it's under-used with only one session running.


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Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 11:35 pm

Has anyone run 2 Freelancer mods (2 FLServers) on the same physical server at the same time?

Need help to do that please.

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Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 4:05 am

Yes, you can do that, why not?

I didnt read your posts, but all you have to do is, login with a second windows user and start FLServer
The playerfiles are always read from the user-defined my documents folder so there is no problem.

Post Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:12 pm

Sadly it doesn't work that way, the second FLServer session runs and appears on the Global Server List, but players cannot connect to it, it gives the message "taking longer than expected..." then times out.

I would like to run two mods on one physical server, it has plenty of processing power and memory but only one network card and I think this is the problem, that we probably need a second card?

I have installed two complete separate copies of Freelancer, so the second one is entirely independent, and I have included both FLServer.exes and both Freelancer.exes as exceptions in the firewall, and both user accounts are set up as above with the proper authorities. The original one is running fine.

In fact, whichever one I start first is fine, and can be accessed. The second one (whichever is second) cannot be accessed.

If you have done it successfully, please let me know how?

Very Many thanks.

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Post Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:35 am

this sounds like both flservers try to use the same port?

give them fixed ports with /p2302 and /p2303

Post Fri Nov 16, 2007 3:38 pm

Hi Wodka.

Thanks, I tried that, same thing happens - the first mod I start is fine, the second one shows on the Global server List too, with the same IP Address, but it is not accessible, it times out.

I also tried Crabtree's Direct Connect on both, the first one connects fine but the second one times out.

I tried starting each of the two mods first. Same thing, whichever mod is started first, the first one connects fine but the second mod times out.

Do you also think I may need a second network card for the server? Or do you know that it should defiunitely run this way with 1 card?

How can I change the IP address for the second mod, maybe this is the problem? Or is it normal to have the same IP address and still should be able to access both?

Is there a better direct connect utility?

Thank you again.

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