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Post Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:58 am


Due to the fact that many ppl have asked me the last weeks about this topic and the fact that several ppl discovered the good old SL i would like to make an offer.

SL is an old game already... but it seems many ppl are still interested and i really would like to see a last official SL tournament ... dont worry... its just for fun
no matter if you think you are a good player or you just want to take part to have fun you are welcome

we would play over TCP/IP due to the fact that microsoft closed the SL gamerooms 2 years ago... but thats no prob if its organized well

i offer either a 1vs1 tournament system or a 1vs1 ladder (whatever you think that would be better)
additionally to this id like to see group fights in SL so i would say a 3vs3 is the 2nd gametype

- of course no cheating or use of mods
- free choice of ships
- arena = asteroid field
- frag limit = 10 (for 1vs1)
- frag limit = 100 (for 3vs3)
- no respawn killing (due to the fact that we have new players here)
- gametypes: 1vs1 (ladder or tournament) + 3vs3 (ladder or tournament)
- if a player does not appear to a fight he/she will loose (possibility of giving a 2nd chance)
- all weapons allowed

if you guys are interested in this fun then give me a shout and i will organize everything

Post Thu Sep 07, 2006 1:08 pm

Gimme a seat


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