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Tech Help PLEASE!!!

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Post Mon Dec 26, 2005 6:12 am

Good Suggestion Alrik.
Ok, I was getting the CTD on mission 13 just when I shot out Ft. Vanguard's main gun. So, I tried running modded, unmodded, changed from full install to typical install...nothing, kept doing it. Tried compatibility mode and couldn't even start the game. Uninstalled...reinstalled without compatibility mode, still wouldn't open. Opened the compatibility wizard and it was still showing Starlancer in Win98 mode, so went through the wizard turning off all compatibility options, and the game ran fine again. Had to actually do this about 3 times before the machine "remembered" the settings. Anyway, continued to get the CTD on mission 13. So, I remembered we have a program on TLR called StarlanceEdit which allows you to decide what mission, rank, etc. Went to mission 14, and perfection until mission 21, CTD. Skipped that one and finished the game.
So far, the only workaround I've found.

Post Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:59 am

i ran in to something similar when i alt+tab out of the game to edit control stick settings, i get a memory fault, program crashes, but just reload teh game and it plays fine, just a thought have you tried making images and loading the game off virtual drives? maybe its a cd read fault?

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