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Post Sat Aug 05, 2006 11:59 am

Viewing Posts Older than 1 Year

Hey all,

So I'm brand new to Starlancer and greatly enjoying it (I know - older game, but it's a fun one I hadn't yet played and I'm lovin' it so far.) Great site, but here's my problem. I'd like to use your forums to look up some things/browse some older posts about the game, but a LOT of the posts are more than a year old, and the oldest you can select to view is 365 Days. Now I know older posts are there because a search will bring them up (if you know what to search for). Is there any way to view this archive like you can view the last year's posts? (I know some sites let you view posts from the very beginning - would be a nice option). Thanks!

Post Sat Aug 05, 2006 12:12 pm

Best way is use the search feature, use a subject, the forum your looking in and then search. It will pull up topics as old as 2003.

Welcome to TLR

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Post Sat Aug 05, 2006 4:19 pm

Thanks. That works okay - it's just difficult when you're not quite sure how to phrase what you're searching for, etc. (Usually I can figure it out tho'.) So I was just wondering if there might be a way to see everything. Appreciate the warm welcome too!

Post Sun Aug 06, 2006 6:01 am

If you want to do a general search and get results from any word or phrase if your not sure what the exact thing that you're looking for use the Google search on the front page... It always appears at the bottom of the current news post.
That one is set to search Lancers Reactor by just typing in what you are looking for.
It don't have to be exact you can come close to what you're looking for and it will still bring up results.

You can also use Google search from any site that has a search engine feature on their site to search for what you're looking for by adding the words and "<some-text-here>"
example "<some-text-here>"
so for example you were looking for information on modeling a ship
you could type in "texture"
so it looks like this in the search box "texture"
or "<texture>"

You can also search Lancers Reactor by using the Google site at
or your preferred search engine of choice for whatever
it is you're looking for here on Lancers Reactor or any site.

When the Google page loads type this in or copy and paste
it in the search box substituting what you're looking for
where it says some-text-here. "<some-text-here>"
or "some-text-here"

examples "<eagle>" "eagle" "<textures>" "textures"
Then click on Google Search.

Some browsers have a search tool bar
you can use that in the same way
examples "<close encounters in sirus>" "close encounters in sirus" "<Juni>" "Juni"

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