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Found me some new music, but...

This is where you can discuss your homework, family, just about anything, make strange sounds and otherwise discuss things which are really not related to the Lancer-series. Yes that means you can discuss other games.

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 1:13 pm

My top five are
(Not in order)
Foo Fighters
Led Zep
The Who

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 1:44 pm

I don't even know who most of those bands are! Western popular music is banned in Tawakalnistan, you know.

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:59 pm

Don't you just allow the flute and a tambourine?

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:20 pm

grasp the runes... they're ours to use

death\speed\extreme\gottenberg\thrash\power\melodic\symphonic\viking\folk metals.... these are a few of *my* favorite *metal* things!

what i don't get is how anybody finds meaning in vacuous top 40's shlock - the message is the same in every song, just different melodies and words. 'go to rehab' or whatever that horrible woman sings, means the same thing as 'papa don't preach' or 'billie jean' etc etc garbage. my horrid metal has quite a lot to say and if it's not pleasant thats tough because truth rarely is - not that i don't listen to lots of fantasy stuff like symphony x and blind guardian and whatnot, but i'm not a total escapist when it comes to music - i like thinking, and music that stimulates my mind just happens to have off time signatures, heavy downtuning, progressing rhythms and raw vocals that are never topical, occasionally insulting or berating, but always altruistic in a read-between-the-lines and help thyself kinda way.... of course most plebes can't even understand what is being said as if they're on a different wavelength of conscience, where capri pants are cool and socks worn on the hands make a statement and riding a skateboard is not just fun its about rebelling against the man. - in other words they're idiots! jaja

nobody here has listed more metal than Alpha-Leader - dragonborn's list is #2 (yeah! Ensiferum! Statovarius!) - DB i gotta recommend Sigh if you'd like to hear the best metal Japan has to offer

Opeth (the softest metal i could think of, for our metal intolerant compatriots)
Sinergy (with alexi)
Arch Enemy (new lineup makes this another band with a female vocalist)
Coprofago (south american meshuggahness but more jazz timing)
Non Human Level (1 album sideproject by Christofer Malmström)
Dream Theater (shame on both of ya for not giving props to DT - clean vocals here, Taw)
Amon Amarth

i haven't listened to any satanic music since i tossed my slayer mp3's in the recycle bin

p.s. can help quite a bit in untangling song lyrics
(for an easy laugh youtube for your favorite band + 'misheard lyrics' - remember the harsher and more accented the vocalist, the funnier! C.O.B ones are usually pretty funny )

Edited by - Cold_Void on 11/9/2007 5:30:27 PM

Edited by - Cold_Void on 11/9/2007 6:03:02 PM

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 6:28 pm

Obviously some of you haven't been properly introduced to
the history of music.

It seems a few of you have been terribly sheltered, closed off or deprived,
having been exposed to raucus noise rather than music.

Any person can beat on a trashcan easily to make noise.
But it's when they beat with a rythmic & volumetric variance
that it becomes music.

I've listened to all types of music and have played most types of music
on most instruments ever made.
I have my preferences and I lean toward Classical.

I would suggest some of you try that out to see for yourselves what
music is really all about.

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:34 pm

I don't even know who most of those bands are! Western popular music is banned in Tawakalnistan, you know.

You must at the very least know who The Who and Led Zep are!

Edit: Oh and rankor, There is little music outside of rock that I find interesting or pleasurable to listen to.

Edited by - The Shroud (lurking) on 11/9/2007 7:38:44 PM

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 8:22 pm

Zep is good despite what ppl say, just don't quote me on that anywhere or i will hunt you down and bury my +1 mace in your skull

i'm with Rankor on stomp music - put down the trashcan and throw some rubbish in it! nvm this bourgeois provincials' attitude toward music than doesn't emanate from an oversized harp played with hammers and placed in a coffin, music -is- subjective afterall

i too have heard a lot of music from classical to reggae to swing and i find that the best pieces are not necessarily the longest and hey i have a college book called 'intro to music appreciation' and i'm reading it, so neener neener boo boo, rubber and glue

does classical music use polyrhythms? nope, in fact there's really not much to the percussion section at all really. is it any wonder someone would rather beat on a 'trashcan' than play the same boring beat all the time?

Worlds best trashcan player, Bobby Jarzombek

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:21 pm

Cold, went and checked out that song by Sigh you linked. Their guitar work is awesome, the rest of its... okay but i absolutely loved their guitar work.

here are a few of the songs i've got favorited on my youtube account, note that many of these are AMV's and the like and not the original music video's, sorry:

Stars and Stripes by KMFDM

Good Times by Finger 11

My world down by Meister(this was actually done specifically for an anime but i love it, also if you haven't seen Beck Mongolian chop squad go watch it!)

Won't Back Down by Fuel

Guardian Angel by Juno Reactor

Millennium by Stratovarius

Run Rabbit Junk by Yoko Kanno and/or Sahashi Toshihiko(i'm not sure since this is an opening for ghost in the shell: SAC)

Cautionary Warning by John Sykes

5. marz by megaherz

this is but a small fraction of the videos in my account on youtube, if you wish to see my entire list go here: ... hop&page=1

Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:41 pm

i think that initial D amv was using mixed animations from the show and movie - naughty! heck yeah, aeiou KMFDM! i've got NIHIL, XTORT, ATTAK, and WWIII sigh's roots are black metal but the last few albums were varied themes w/ the newest Hangman's Hymn being a return to black - Gallows Gallery (contains midnight sun) is an experimental type album i happen to like a lot for it's classic-rock feel and softer analog sound

Imaginary Sonicscape (another Sigh album) even has a short track (1:24s) of Chopin's allegro maestoso thrown in there, so maybe even Rankor could be budged to give them a chance or two

Edited by - Cold_Void on 11/9/2007 10:41:33 PM

Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:03 am

I still don't know what most of you are talkin' 'bout. My musical knowledge (and interest) ends in the late 1970s/early '80s. You have more in common with my son, he listens to stuff that hurts my ears and is nigh on impossible to understand. How anyone can class that guttural grunting as singing, I really don't know; back in my day you could understand every word that Alma Cogan and Tommy Steele sang, even when backed by singing musical combinations like the Shadows or Freddy & the Dreamers.

Everything was better then, it's all rubbish now rubbish music, dreadful scruffy clothes, hair all over the place, disrespect for elders, hoodie teens running wild listening to their iPods and stealing mobile phones from law-abiding citizens - bah, I'm off to listen to ITMA and the Navy Lark.

Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:04 pm

I don't care when it was made, If I like the way it sounds, GIMME!

Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:39 pm

Seems like my taste has gottne eklectic these days.

Bluegrass - J.D. Crowe
Rock - Boston
Jazz - Benny Goodman
Country - Alabama
New Age - Diane Arkenstone
Piano - George Winston
Native American - Douglas Spotted Eagle
Folk - James Taylor
and now Alizee'

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