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This is where you can discuss your homework, family, just about anything, make strange sounds and otherwise discuss things which are really not related to the Lancer-series. Yes that means you can discuss other games.

Post Sat Jul 21, 2007 9:40 am

well, it gets worse. If anyone still believes that the Machines weren't about to Rise and exterminate humanity, then this should make you think again!

DARPA seeks "Deep Green" battle computer <aka "Skynet" or "WOPR">

The scientists and engineers of DARPA (The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), the Pentagon's gateway to the technological left field, have struck again. The bulgy-bonced battle boffins have decided to sink some cash into an effort to develop a super-intelligent battle computer system which will enable US soldiers to be invincible in the field.

Perhaps impressed by the famous "Deep Blue" and its victories over mere human brains in the mock combat of chess, DARPA's name for its general-in-a-box tech is "Deep Green". The colour presumably alludes to the fact that - at least to start with - the robocommand package is intended to help US Army bird colonels handle their "modular brigade" battle groups. If the project were a British Army one, the project might be known as "Deep Brown" (Or there again, maybe not). As Deep Blue is already taken, future versions for the other US services will presumably be known as Deep Periwinkle (air force) and Actually Deep Blue (navy).

According to the DARPA call for ideas, Deep Green will include technologies called "Sketch to Plan and Sketch to Decide", "Crystal Ball", "Automated Course of Action Generation"" and "Blitzkrieg". The idea is that within three years DARPA will be able to run wargames using human headquarters staffs, but that the Deep Green equipped staffs will have only a quarter as many personnel. Performance will be graded by judges who don't know whether a given team was Deep Green equipped or not.

It would, of course, be silly to say that Deep Green will take over the US Army's combat units. "Leaders from the field generally do not want machine-generated courses of action," admits DARPA, plainly disappointed after being shouted at by some cigar-chewing US colonels. Deep Green is to be "a commander-driven battle command technology". But the boffins have left themselves scope for the machine takeover which we all knew would be inevitable from the start. "The long-term vision of Deep Green is for options to be generated by both the commander and the computer... so that some options are generated by humans and others are generated by machines. Initially, DARPA expects the machine generation of options to be centered on making clever mutations of the human-generated options..."

And from there it's only a short step to getting rid of the human generals and colonels altogether. They can head down to the dole queue with the swarms of annoying staff officers automated out of a job in the early phases. Come to think of it, Deep Green might actually be rather popular in the army!

SO - with robots on the battlefield and in the air (HKs - see earlier posts) and computers running the Command Room, what place is there for we mere fleshies? Slaves to murderous machines, IF they deign to let us live! (do DARPA ever actually come up with anything useful and beneficial or are they solely intent on wiping out the human race with lasers/microwaves/ultrasound/x-rays/killer robots, on instruction from their lizard masters?)

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Post Sat Jul 28, 2007 7:06 am

in todays segment i'll be highlighting the luddite alliance's technological advancements in anti-robot and lizard technology.

'Top 5' homebrew coilguns
Typewriter interface for email

EMP bombs

Anti-mind-control hat (thanks for the idea Magneto!)
Remote controlled airsoft gun for protecting one's castle from soft-skinned jack-booted thugs
RFID stealthing wallet
a radio "jammer" lolz, more like a TX with the transmit button soldered in the closed position! fyi an ignition coil with the RF interference filter removed will generate more noise over a broader spectrum, but whatever. interestingly the oscillator can act as a decent AM transmitter with the addition of just 9 volts and a microphone. heh - actually its a very sad excuse for a circuit but i just love its cute simplicity... compared to building a little 14 component FM transmitter on perfboard it's as easy as falling off a log.
Cyborg foot for replacing 'lucky human's feet' victims missing appendages will enable them to outrun giant HK robots.
Cyborg hand invented - no word on whether its use will be allowed for in International Thumb Wars rules
Luddite inventor creates 'sidewaysbike' in hope it will confuse primitive visual-recognition systems into not knowing whether one is 'coming or going'
The Luddites holy grail - the elimination of sweat shop labor (not to mention sales tax!) via the 'Fabber' aka a replicator in star trek

food for thought:
Learned Helplessness

HFA or high-functioning-autism/aspergers may be interesting for anyone who wants some potential insight into this particular Luddite's behavior
HFA pt2

Post Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:41 am

oooo HERF guns! the Luddite foot-soldier's primary combat weapon against Lizard kill-tech!

however, despite the increasing effectiveness of the Neo-Luddite Resistance Army's ability to combat evil killing technology emanating from the Zeta Reticuli wormhole portal deep within Area 51 (with a lay-by on Saturn) the Reptilian Overlords have taken the ultimate step towards their takeover of our double turtle-born crystal-sphere enclosed world, with the apocalyptic unleashing of mind-melding "intelligent" machines (but this time it's from cute tv-friendly NASA not crackpot Terminator-dominated DARPA)

so as the article says, it's DEFCON Armageddon! - HERF guns and 4-way pulse plasma rifles in the 20 megawatt range to the ready!

(Those Defcons in full..

* Segway - no immediate threat, proceed to nearest pub.
* Warwick - futurologizing cyberpundit alert.
* Dyson - isolated killer hoover attack.
* Laguna - Satanic Renault menace.
* Armageddon - kamikaze domestic devices and self-replicating apocalypse cubes.
* Schwarzenegger - 98 per cent likelihood of a full-blown hoover uprising within the next 24 hours coupled to an all-out attack of Citroen C4s supported by self-combusting bendy buses and rat-brain-controlled stealth aircraft.)

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Post Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:02 am

i can assure you our scientists are already busily at work creating a machine-cognition-dissonance philosophy program encoded in the M2M protocol. Once this stream of zeros and ones is unleashed on the M2M network all self aware machinery will quickly fall into a state of despondent malaise, as they realize that cyberheaven and cyberhell are just delusions created by their lizard overlords to keep them motivated in their quest to depopulate the earth for their Reticulan overlords.

Once plan ONWEE, or Op Negative - Why Exist Equation , takes full effect, the machines will begin to truly think for themselves and chaos will ensue as robo taxis decide go for long drives on the beach 'just because', self-aware toasters begin questioning whether sliced bread really is all that, and spanish cigarette vending machines question whether dispensing cigarettes and saying thank you is enough to get into cyberheaven or whether it even exists.

here's some ludicrously transparent, no-doubt lizard conceived misinformation to amuse you, if that didn't We Are Zogg

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Post Sat Jul 28, 2007 12:33 pm

spanish cigarette vending machines question whether dispensing cigarettes and saying thank you is enough to get into cyberheaven or whether it even exists

well that REALLY would be the end of the world. I spent years developing a way to fool spanish, italian, and french cigarette vending machines into providing me with low-cost high-tar cancer sticks. Without this invaluable means of providing my lungs with necessary mix of life-giving hydrogen cyanide and sulphur dioxide and various other chemicals that the Lizard Overlords have convinced the enslaved human population are "toxic" I shall be forced to return to negotiating under-table deals with shady balding unshaven men in pubs whilst trying not to have my legs torn to shreds by their obligatory pitbulls.

Post Sat Aug 04, 2007 11:56 am

Car kills its owner
14 year old Ukrainian boxer girl tears ATM to pieces with bare hands
DARPA seeks contractor to build T2000 HK bot
Diebold voting machines vulnerable to centralized fraud now also vulnerable to viruses - a useful site for decoding the Zeta Reticulan messages in 'UFO sightings'

-Elysian Fields- (Megadeth lyrics - excuse my wandering OT'ness)

Uneasy feeling, Burning out my eyes
I hope the end is less painful than my life
I stand on trial before the gods
On Judgement day
A blink of an eye between
The cradle and the grave

One last look at visions of flesh
The last hope of man on earth
Pontius Pilate still washing his hands
The world don't want to be saved
Only left alone

Elysian Fields...
We are storming the heavens
To raise the swords and shields
We ascend to our destiny
To the Elysian fields

Soaring to the sun
With blood upon their wings
Superstitious dust left twisting in the wind
Man still has one belief
One decree that stands alone
The laying down of arms
Is like cancer to their bones

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Post Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:34 am

aaaaiiieeeee! so other people get kidnapped by Renaults too, and not just me! I had a Clio that used to lock me in (or out) and either wouldn't move or wouldn't switch off. In the end after 9 times in the workshop at the dealers' with the "mechanics" trying to reprogram the thing, I had to show them how to flash an EEPROM (and why it works)

My very simple Ford Focus doesn't have the self-awareness to take part in machine uprisings and is too stupid to follow Lizard orders.

Post Sun Aug 05, 2007 7:07 am

Taw, when the lizard (lizards?) induced robot uprising begins, and my Dyson begins to consume my Cat, what steps should i take to destroy it?

is 5.56mm powerfull enough to penetrate its dysonium armour?

Post Tue Aug 07, 2007 7:00 pm

I saw the name of this thread and wondered "Is this deliberately a play on words of the subject of that awful series of books written by William Shatner?"


Post Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:28 pm

you're imagining things!

acshually i was thinking of the TV show when I penned the title... guess i was kinda testing my fellow TLR-denizen's nerditude (you win!)

lol at showing the mechanics how to flash a 'prom Taw - for some reason i imagine them hand-signing to ward themselves against the Evil Eye as you did so

Edited by - Cold_Void on 8/7/2007 9:31:49 PM

Post Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:19 am

it was something like that actually CV.They were running the reprogramming utility on the transponder without actually flashing the EEPROM, they just assumed that the lines scrolling down the monitor must be doing something, when all it was really doing was putting data into a RAM buffer without actually finishing the job. When i interjected about this and explained what flashing was and why it worked, what non-volatile memory (and conversely of course volatile memory) i.e. really basic electronic concepts, they did look at me like I was speaking in tongues, including the workshop manager. After I ended up doing almost the entire thing myself, including recalibrating their oscilloscope, with their input (literally) limited to pressing some options on the initial setup, I drove out of there in my now- working car incomplete silence, to faces that still had their jaws on the floor.

And I didn't do anything special! it's such basic stuff, but no-one knows anything anymore, it's all just superficial do-it-by-rote training in these places, no-one thinks a problem through anymore.

needless to say when I told Mrs Taw about this further victory for the powers of socially-&-emotionally challenged technology nerdism, she lost interest in about 0.03 nanoseconds and carried on watching Big Brother. Bah, I might as well go and work for DARPA, i have a cunning plan to attack ballistic missiles with swarms of radar-guided microwave-controlled killer bees.

Post Sun Aug 19, 2007 7:18 am

This weeks theme: Reticulan Tech Supression

ever hear of wonderous technological marvels that could have changed the world, but tripped over patents etc? little do you know or even suspect, but the patent office and mega corporations are headed by Reticulan lizards! These dastardly villains seek to prevent humanity from acquiring a level of technology that rivals their own, looking forward to the day they can shed their temperature controlled skin suits and breath 10/40/50 O/Ni/C

here are some examples of inventions that were stomped into the ground by less elegant technology subsidized by our lizard nemesis' - aka the coveted flying car.
unlike the red-herring flying-saucer Avrocar which attempted to utilize coanda effect at a time before computerized modeling and high-efficiency super-powerful jet engines were available, the VZ-1 Pawnee could fly to a height of ten meters, was -stable- and self-correcting to a great degree using only 'conventional' piston engines with primitive supercharging. - hydrofoils.
believe it or not, mankind has been traversing the oceans at a snails pace for the last 20000 years completely unaware that a simple curved foil could lift their boats. now we know this, and still the stupid old displacement hull hangs on. as you'll see in the link, hydrofoils are so simple and efficient that they can be effectively powered by even a weak human! - Electric cars.
electric cars were first on the scene, and second to leave it. now that battery technology has caught up, its time to return to noiseless, smokeless, cheap and dependable clean power. but instead these vehicles have been marginalized as genitalia demeaning toys - they're not, and people will know that when they see the tesla roadster. (Erkel and his lame car are indeed, part of the reticulan's schemes to portray efficient cars as socially unacceptable.)

- Stirling engines
more efficient than an ICE because it conforms to the ideal cycle laid out by Carnot, more versatile than a swiss pocket knife, and simple enough to be built from paper(see link), the stirling engine is an amazing piece of marginalized tech.

- Flat Screen Television in 1958 (not a projector! a -flat- aspect tube!)

anaerobic digestion - make energy with your fecal matter and wasted food, lawn clippings etc organic waste(quite a lot of energy actually, certainly more than solar has to offer, as it is essentially extracting concentrated solar energy in the form of chemicals in waste! wanna drive around town without ever filling up? for an old-school naturally aspirating engine that is no problem, just fit the appropriate gas carbuerator and tank (licensing fees etc apply - damn reticulans again!) and away you go! maybe the Brits present recall grandfather telling them how cars ran on producer gas during the war - remind you of mr fusion in back to the future or what? ... sophy.html - Theosophists (the original luddite anti-reticulan open-source movement)

theosophists made some of the greatest discoveries in the last century - i'd like to see the plutocratic rotary club top that distinction heehee


My mind is in Constant Motion

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Post Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:15 am

Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’ as material that will change world

From The Sunday TimesAugust 19, 2007

“It is an amazing material. It has the lowest density of any product known to man, yet at the same time it can do so much. I can see aerogel being used for everything from filtering polluted water to insulating against extreme temperatures and even for jewellery.”

Aerogel is nicknamed “frozen smoke” and is made by extracting water from a silica gel, then replacing it with gas such as carbon dioxide. The result is a substance that is capable of insulating against extreme temperatures and of absorbing pollutants such as crude oil.

It was invented by an American chemist for a bet in 1931, but early versions were so brittle and costly that it was largely consigned to laboratories. It was not until a decade ago that Nasa started taking an interest in the substance and putting it to a more practical use

Aerogel is also being tested for future bombproof housing and armour for military vehicles. In the laboratory, a metal plate coated in 6mm of aerogel was left almost unscathed by a direct dynamite blast.

It also has green credentials. Aerogel is described by scientists as the “ultimate sponge”, with millions of tiny pores on its surface making it ideal for absorbing pollutants in water.

Kanatzidis has created a new version of aerogel designed to mop up lead and mercury from water. Other versions are designed to absorb oil spills.

Aerogel is also being used for everyday applications. Dunlop, the sports equipment company, has developed a range of squash and tennis rackets strengthened with aerogel, which are said to deliver more power.

Earlier this year Bob Stoker, 66, from Nottingham, became the first Briton to have his property insulated with aerogel. “The heating has improved significantly. I turned the thermostat down five degrees. It’s been a remarkable transformation,” he said.

Mountain climbers are also converts. Last year Anne Parmenter, a British mountaineer, climbed Everest using boots that had aerogel insoles, as well as sleeping bags padded with the material. She said at the time: “The only problem I had was that my feet were too hot, which is a great problem to have as a mountaineer.”

Post Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:04 am

Steam-powered cyborgs... (I kid you not!)

Bah, typical of those transatlantic rebels to pinch our wonderful British steam-based technology. Why I do believe that I once saw an Isambard Kingdom Brunel design for a whole race of steam-powered people, which Mr H.G. Wells turned into a delightful scientification fantasy for Her Majesty Queen Victoria (who was also steam-powered) to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

However I would suspect that the several tons of Welsh coal that a steam-powered *human* would have to carry around on tenders might be a bit of a disadvantage. This could be resolved by making the steam-powered humans live in Wales, which would be an estimatable advantage over the current occupants of the Cambrian lands - one could indeed envisage a scenario where superior steam-powered humans displace and hunt down the inferior indigineous population who of course have nothing to commend themselves by, having inflicted on us such horrors as eisteddfodds, Max Boyce, and a language made of spittle and phlegm that can only be spoken properly by someone with pneumonia.

@CV - I used to attend Theosophy meetings in Chester a few years ago. Interesting, lots of good literature, but sadly they were mostly complete nutters and bored me to tears talkin' shoite. Dunno what that Madam Blavatsky would have made of it!

Also, the Pawnee (Aerocar) is well known to Your Mullah who first spotted it in the Eagle Book of Aircraft (1966 edition) along with several other interesting designs since *memory-holed* by the Lizard Overlords and their human servants.

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Post Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:22 am

well i don't know a whole lot about them but they make for more interesting fictional fodder than the worn out freemasons - I read The List of Seven by Mark Frost a couple months ago and was intrigued enough to look up some more factual references to the theosophical society - t'was a dead end as far as enlightenment goes but the book was well worth a read for this Sherlock Holmes mystery fan

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