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Arena Commander (Dogfighting Module) released Star Citizen News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2014/6/6 12:25:58 (1593 reads)

After many delays, finally the dogfighting module called "Arena Commander" for Star Citizen has been released.

The multiplayer part of the module will be rolled out based on your citizen number, so if you backed Star Citizen early, the higher are your chances to get in.

Also interesting is the Freelancer-style mouse aiming, where weapons follow your mouse cursor.
If you turn "Coupling" off (Caps Lock button), you will get something similar to "engine kill" in Freelancer, though it is more of a "lock velocity vector" right now.

Download here:

Also, check out the Freelancer forum over at Star Citizen: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries. ... ies/starlancer-freelancer

Happy dogfighting!

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Recent Site Downtime The Starport News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2014/6/6 12:16:54 (1416 reads)

Hello fellow Freelancers

As you might have noticed, we experienced a prolonged downtime of the website for the most part of this week.
This was caused by a double hard disk failure on our root server. The Starport runs on a RAID1 configuration, however, since one hard disk completely failed while the other was also slowly failing, this meant that the website was getting slower and slower until it finally was barely reachable.

Fortunately, the hard disk content could mostly be rescued (except for less than 200 KB of bad block data). Meanwhile, both hard disks have been replaced and the site is running smooth again.

I'm sorry for the downtime and I'm going to take measures so that this will not happen again.


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Vega Strike (OSS) Space Sim News
Posted by Whisper928 on 2014/3/11 12:49:11 (1630 reads)

Vega Strike is a first-person space trading and combat simulator, developed for Microsoft Windows,
POSIX Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X systems.
Many of the core game mechanics of Vega Strike are indirectly inspired by Elite.
The successors to Elite, namely Wing Commander: Privateer, were particularly strong influences.
Released under the GNU General Public License, Vega Strike is free and open source software.
See above links for more inclusive details.

PS: Privateer Gemini Gold also available.

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Enigma V.4 ATG (Deutscher Freelancer-Mod) Freelancer Mod News
Posted by J.R. on 2014/1/7 19:36:54 (4391 reads)

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Developed on and for the GERMAN version of Freelancer, this Project aims to serve a variety of new aspects.
Even though Enigma V.4 ATG features improved graphics, custom Sound- and Jump-FX aswell as new Systems, Stations, Ships and Items, the main concept of this MULTIPLAYER ONLY-Mod is to preserve the "vanilla Freelancer-feel" while not being unbalanced or overloaded with too many ships or way too powerful equipment. (...since there are already so many Mods out there with hundrets of Ships, Systems and Items)
Each Account can have up to 10 Characters with its appropriate Faction-Outfit and Reputation. The implementation of almost every valuable feature of FlHook 1.67 and the serverside management of Special-Events enables the player to be whatever he/she likes to impersonate.
Be a mighty Faction-Leader, Explorer, a lawful Police-Officer, Bountyhunter, ruthless Assassin, member of any Military Faction, a relentless Pirate or a prosperous Trader... There are no limits....

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Dramatic Graphic Improvements for Freelancer! Freelancer Coding News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2012/12/17 2:12:48 (10409 reads)

Over the past several months since our demo release, FriendlyFire has been working on fine tuning our DX9 integration as well as adding a few extra components to make this mod look even better. The below video highlights these news additions: lens flare, improved dynamic lighting, reflection maps, distortion maps and our work in progress shadow mapping.

If you like what you see, please don't forget to vote for us!!!

If you like what you see, and have been playing, please don't forget to tell your friends, your communities you frequent and social sites like REDDIT/Twitter about this mod. Player word of mouth goes a long way and we'd appreciate any of the support we can get for this mod of ours! Thanks everyone!


Mod of the Year Awards

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MotY 2012 Final Voting! Freelancer Community News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2012/12/11 8:56:41 (2708 reads)

This year we have three mods in the final voting phase of the 2012 Mod of the Year awards over at ModDB!

Please take a minute and vote for Freelancer and the successful mod teams:

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DS9 Freelancer Server Freelancer Server News
Posted by starworlds on 2012/9/20 23:46:50 (5289 reads)

Hi all!

Ds9 has been around and running since 2003! We were with some of the first servers created and started adding to the game along time ago.

Now we are coming back with a rebuild! We are sticking with the Sci-Fi universe with ships from all your favourite shows + some wacky ones! But now we are working on the balance of the mod, bringing those prices down and adding some of the great FLHook options that have been added to other great servers!

We host server hunts and games on a weekly basis with our current player base and welcome you all to join, even if its for just that bit of fun.

The mod is under constant revision at the moment while our development team work on balancing the mod and building our RP story which we are hoping will bring all the sci-fi universes together for the first time, while creating a fantastic RP environment around it, and if you dont like RP then just come and have a look around.

This is not a Mod based on ANY other mod and we are working very hard to bring it back up to scratch with the FL community, so please come and support us, as every person added to our forum or server is a pat on the back for us

New clans who come on our server will receive 200 million credits to help them start up, plus we have a section on our forums with advice on how to start up your own clan and keep it going. Systems are rented by clans, who in turn can rent out bases to individual players who want their own base to reside in and pay rent monthly.

Below I will list some of the features we currently have, please check out our forum to see what we are working on! Hope to see you soon

- 237+ Added ships
- Loads of added commodities
- Loads of added equipment
- 20+ new systems
- Server games
- FLHook full of plugins
- Changed effects
- Clan wide systems
- Loads of added solars and stations
- Clan and faction bonuses
- EXE Installer
- Automatic updater
- Dedicated starter system
- Dedicated PVP system (Top Gun)
- Dedicated staff
- + Loads more

Below is a list of some of the new ships

Aen Nnea Thhaei
Anakin's starfighter
Angel Wing
Argon Titan
Bat Plane
Klingon Bird-of-Prey (mk2)
Borg Assault Cruiser
Boron Hydra
Chig bomber
Corellian Corvette
Cylon Raider
Dark Angel
Dragon Breath
Droid Fighter
E3-Y Jedi
Enterprise D
cardassian Type-3 Galor Class Warship
Goner Ranger
Republic Gunship
Jem'Hadar Warship
N1 Naboo starfighter
NSEA Protector
Planet Express
Federation Pursuit
Spot's Fghter (Custom ship by spot)
StarDestroyer (Republic)
Thunderbird 1,2,3
Romulan Valdore
Vampire Light Assault
YVF 29 Jade Falcon


More images...

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